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Budget Wise

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Saving in any form is good for you as well as for your family. Hence it is better if you are working on a budget. Saving money, saving space, or saving your time and energy it is good in every form. Being Budget Wise is the most important thing in today`s world. You should be saving from the very beginning. Saving is a good habit too so it should be inculcated in you from an early stage.

Being Budget Wise helps you to work and profit more. It is beneficial in every situation. You can work and plan out in advance so that you can work on a tight budget from beforehand. Planning is a very important part of working on a budget. Budget wise if you live your life you will have no problems and will not be in need of money as you are able to spend only that much money and space which has been allotted to you.

How to Live being Budget Wise

When you live on a tight budget it can difficult at times. But if you have shortage of cash flow then you have to take certain steps to live according to your standards and measures. You can plan according to the money you have and chalk out a monthly budget for yourself according to which you can spend the month. There are various steps you can take so that you can live on a tight budget. Follow the steps so that you can save as well as live on a tight budget.
  • Avoid the use of Cable TV. It is not a very difficult task. We use to live earlier without cable.
  • Instead of going out for a movie get a DVD at home and watch.
  • Save on electricity and water.
  • Walk it if you are traveling short distances. Walking is good for health too.
  • You can make hand made cards instead of buying cards from the shop.
  • Look for coupons and sales where you can avail discounts.
  • Try to buy in bulk so that you can save.
  • Don`t eat take away food try and cook at home that way you can save a lot of money.
  • You can buy stuff from a garage sale instead of a fancy shopping mall.

Budget Wise Home decor

When doing up your home you can also work on a tight budget. You can be Budget Wise in terms of space as well as money. If you are on a tight budget it is quite difficult to work hence you have to know what the best items available are and at which shops and at what prices you will be able to get them.
  • You can try and use your one bedroom flat size to its fullest by arranging your house in a way so that you have the maximum amount of space left. Don`t clutter your space with unnecessary things. You can use foldable chairs and beds so that in the morning you can fold your stuff to create space.
  • When you have to be budget wise and you have to think about your home decor it can be very challenging as everybody wants the very best for their home. You can select a particular shop from where you will buy all your home decor stuff so that buying in bulk it works out cheaper for you.
  • You can visit second hand stores and auction houses and buy from there. And after your purchase you can give them a paint or a polish to give it a new look. If you are innovative you can use different type of item for different use and purposes.
  • If you walls in new home have dirty color and color is peeling off you can paint it on your own. Buy colors and paint it the way you like after all it is your home. If you are an artist then you can paint a few pictures and get them hanged on the wall. A nice frame can look classy if you put your picture in it.

Budget Wise wedding

Getting married on a tight budget can be a challenging affair but that will be the test whether you manage to pull through your wedding without any complain even on a tight budget. The best way to get married being budget wise is to make a romantic getaway and get married on distant land where nobody knows you. That can be very fascinating for you and your partner as well as work out great if you are trying to be budget wise. Another way of saving when getting married on a tight budget is by just calling your family members and getting married at your home on the rooftop. It can be a cozy homely affair which you are going to remember for a long time.
Budget Wise meals

If you want to have budget wise meals then you can take certain steps so that things work out cheaper for you. If you are hosting a party then you can make it a pot luck party where everybody gets to bring one dish cooked by them.
At home you can eat healthy food and avoid having fizzy drinks and ice creams too much. Because that can increase your budget and will not be adding much to your health too, but then again once in a while a bowl of ice-cream does not harm you.
Budget Wise travel

You are always on a tight budget and that is why you cannot go and visit a place very easily. But if you are on a budget wise travel you can take some means and ways so that you don`t have to spend a lot. There are many travel agents who offer great offers and schemes where you can travel and visit a place at a very cheap rate. You can also go on a tour on a bus or a car if you are visiting somewhere near. You can put up at a cheap hotel which is nice and clean and affordable. You can eat the local food instead of having meals at fancy restaurants. Don`t go shopping when you are traveling if you are on a tight budget.
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