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Budget wisely while doing up your home

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 Aug, 2011 LIFESTYLE  HOME & OFFICE INTERIORS  

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Designers often prefer clear budget allotment with regard to civil work and the interiors to be done inside the house. This will help them render the services to complete satisfaction of the customers. Don`t let the budget snowball to such an extent that you wonder if you took the right decision of doing up your home.

Things to remember while allocating money are as follows:

  • Ask the designer for a financial schedule.
  • Keep track of the time that is taken to complete a given job.
  • Stick to your original specifications and avoid changing midway.
  • Have a clear agreement on giving approvals.
  • Put aside a miscellaneous budget for price hikes, alterations, new taxes on materials.
  • Bathroom costs form a major chunk of the overall budget. Go in for the most economical one.

Once the designs are ready, contractor`s rates are got, give a copy of the design to a few other contractors and get their quotations for the project. This will enable you to get a better picture of the market rate and will help you negotiate better with the contractor you are planning to appoint.

Execution guidelines

Establish and maintain a clear line of communication.

Clear all your doubts with the designer himself. Ideally only one person should interact with the designer to avoid confusion.

Accept that the designer knows best

A design professional conceives the whole house in his mind. Trust him. Don`t question his judgement. If you have any inputs express them well ahead before the house is broken down for redoing. Keep in mind that the designer also wants the best as his reputation is at stake.

Be patient

Don`t hurry the designer, be mentally prepared to see the finished product later than what you had anticipated. Dealing with labour has its drawbacks and it might take longer than expected.

Be an enthusiastic participant

Do some research on your own? Design trends change fast, new materials, products and services are flooding the market and even a professional may not be aware of all of them. So take initiative and go to suppliers showrooms and also browse through many interior magazines which will make you a well informed client..

A sensible house, whether it is contemporary, traditional, artistic or opulent is one that makes its dwellers both proud and comfortable. Such a thing can only be achieved by taking the right decision at the blue print stage, in other words by choosing a professional who is creative and experienced enough to make your dream home come true.

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