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Rescriptor is a type of Anti HIV medication. The category of this medicine is called non- nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors which is a category of HIV medicines that is commonly known as NNRTI. Rescriptor is a medicine that prevents human immunodeficiency virus or HIV from entering the nucleolus of a health T-cell. Thus as a HIV medication Rescriptor prevents the cells from producing new viruses of the same kind which is turn decreases the amount of virus in the body. The medicine is manufactured by Pfizer. Inn the year 1997 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Rescriptor for the treatment of HIV. It is also found that it is a useful drug for the HIV combination therapy. Usually th medicine combine two nucleoside analogues.

On can get Rescriptor in 100 mgs tablets and 200mg capsules. The daily dose of the medicine is 400mg that is to be taken 3 times a day. One needs to consume four tablets or two capsules in the morning, afternoon as well as in the evening. The tablets can be dissolved in water or any other liquid while the capsules can be swallowed with water, Juice, soda or milk.

If anyone has the problem of achlorhydriya which causes formation of low amount of acid in the stomach he or she should take Rescriptor with any kind of slightly acidic juice. The medicine is not approved for use in HIV positive children. Even for the adults who are starting the anti HIV therapy for the first time Rescriptor is not recommended. If after using Rescriptor the viral load of any HIV positive patuient becomes detectable he or she must consult a doctor who will perfrm a test to switch the drug for another suitable drug option. However with Rescriptor many people can have great amount of benefit and lead a relatively normal life.

To know more about HIV/AIDS Drugs keep reading Hivaidshub.

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