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Norvir is a type of Anti HIV medication. The category of this medicine is called protease inhibitors which is a category of HIV medicines that is commonly known as Pls. Norvir is a medicine that prevents the further production of human immunodeficiency virus or HIV from the T-cell that is already affected with HIV. Thus as a HIV medication Norvir preventing the cells from producing new viruses of the same kind decreases the amount of virus in the body. The medicine is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories. Inn the year 1996 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Norvir for the treatment of HIV infection. It is one of the two drugs that are used in Kaletra which contains the protease inhibitor lopinavir as well as small doses of Norvir.

On can get Norvir in 100 mgs capsules and the drug does not have any tablets. The official daily dose of the medicine for an HIV infected adult is six 100 mg capsules two times a day. But due to the severe side effects that can be caused after consuming 6 Norvir for two times a day at present anyone hardly consumes the official dose. However Norvir can still be used at a much low dose. One can take one or two Norvir capsules twice a Day. This will help to give a boost to the protease inhibitors in the blood stream.

Norvir is a drug that has been approved for the use of children who are aged 1month or above. The doses of the drug of the body of the children depends on the body of the child. Once the child starts growing the doses of Norvir can be increases too. However, the doses should not exceed 600mg. Even if the doses of Norvir is very low the drug should always be taken with a light snack or a meal. Refrigeration of the drug is not necessary.

To know more about HIV/AIDS Drugs keep reading Hivaidshub.

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