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Fuzeon is an anti-HIV drug strictly for the HIV-positive people who have already tried other anti-HIV drugs in the past and are unable to keep their viral loads undetectable using drugs that are currently available. Manufactured by Trimeris and Hoffmann-La Roche, Fuzeon has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2003. It is strictly restricted for those HIV-positive people who are starting anti-HIV drug treatment for the first time.

Fuzeon is a drug for the HIV patients that must be used in combination with other anti-HIV drugs. It is a fusion inhibitor, a category of HIV medicines, or more broadly, it falls under entry inhibitors. Fuzeon binds to a protein on the surface of HIV, called gp41. As a result of this, HIV cannot successfully bind with the surface of T-cells, thus preventing the virus from infecting healthy cells.

Fuzeon is given to the patients in an injectable form, as it cannot be taken by mouth due to its fragile structure. Two dozes of drugs in needed everyday, one in the morning and the other one is at night, after 12 hours of the first doze. Each doze contains 90 mg of Fuzeon. Small hypodermic needles, similar to those used to inject insulin to the diabetics, are used to inject Fuzeon. Experimentation is going on to use a needle-free injection device called Biojector 2000 (B2000) to give the drug.

Fuzeon is for those HIV-positive patients who have already used anti-HIV drugs before. It might interact with other medication, including those used to treat HIV. Therefore before taking Fuzeon, it is very important to tell physician about all the drugs that the patient has been taking.

There might be some side effects while using Fuzeon. A pain, discomfort, hardened skin, redness, bumps, itching and swelling can be experienced at the spot where you the drug has been injected, though those last for less than 7 days. There might be some allergic reactions, though it is very rare.

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