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Lifestyle Modifications

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Hypertension can be controlled with lifestyle modifications. Lifestyle modifications would include necessary changes in the diet, regular exercises and quiting certain habits like smoking and alcohol consumption. Lifestyle modifications can lower the high blood pressure and that would also help the patient to respond to medications in a better way.

Changes in your diet should be made and the patients suffering from hypertension should opt for salt free diet. You should consume less than 6 gms of salt in a day. Low fat diet is also advised for patients. Lifestyle modifications would include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet as they increase the potassium level in your blood which in turn would lower the sodium level. In hypertension, you should always keep a control over the sodium level. High sodium level elevates blood pressure. Obesity mus be avoided if you want to keep a control over the blood pressure. In obesity, greater heart output influences the blood pressure in a negative way. The kidneys are more prone to retain salt in obesity and retention of salt is definitely not a good sign as far as hypertension is concerned. Thus, you must reduce your weight as soon as you can in order to avoid all these complications. Sleep apnea syndrome is very common in obesity in which the patient suffers from periodic interruption of normal breathing when they sleep. Sleep apnea ignites hypertensions as apnea leads to hypoxia or lack of oxygen supply. Regular exercise forms the core part of lifestyle modifications. Go for jogging, swimming or bicycle riding for about 30- 45 minutes every day. Vigorous and sustained aerobics is the best way to control hypertension. The patients must quit smoking and alcohol immediately after getting affected by hypertension related complications.

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