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Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 01 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Related to Eyes, Hypertensive Retinopathy or Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension is regarded as the primary or secondary as in renal hypertension as toxaemia of pregnancy and so on. It is the duration of the hypertension that causes the vascular changes in the retina associated with elevated arterial pressure. The pathology of Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension is that the essential vascular change is hypertrophy of the Tunica Media followed by fibrosis and hyalinisation leading to the narrowing of the lumen. There are various classifications of the Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension, and finding about them in time from the health care professional will help cure the problem as fast as possible. High Blood Pressure has always been related to problems in the eye and without proper management, the disease can get out of hand and quite serious. Besides giving the patient anti-hypertensive drugs, no special management is required for the retinopathy as most of the changes are reversible with adequate control of the blood pressure. Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension is when the retinal changes run parallel with the severity of hypertension, thus the common treatment includes bed rest, sedatives and anti-hypertensive drugs. The earlier the discovery of retinopathy, the better is the chance of its cure. Ocular Manifestations of Hypertension may be divided into three stages, viz the Stage of arterial spasm, Stage of sclerosis, Stage of retinopathy i.e., soft exudates, retinal oedema, etc. and Management. After the correct Signs and Symptoms, the health care professional makes all the necessary changes to ensure a fast recovery for the person. The main role of the ophthalmologist lies in the discovery of early retinopathy so that whatever needs to be done can be done at its earliest.

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