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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Today research on genetics of high blood pressure is being extensively done to find out better ways to control this dreaded diseases. Both high BP and hypertension can be said to be inherited from the previous generations. However, the genetics of high BP have also shown results which indicate the disease can be a result of some environmental influence. Your risks of hypertension are increased if your parents or sibling are suffering from high blood pressure. According to the health experts, the chances are rather doubled in case of the immediate relatives who are a patient of high BP. But not all is controlled by DNA and genetics but it also largely matters on lifestyle and such related issues. According to the genetics, in most of the cases, where there is a carrier of this single gene might not get the disease. However, in rare cases it has also been found out that families with even a single gene can lead to serious high blood pressure or hypertension. The trait of genetics has also been observed this way, that in the same type of family, there are some members with low BP and some with high BP. So, it can be put in a better and a simpler way. We rather inherit the susceptibility to the disease, than the disease. Whether the gene expression occurs or not and we suffer from the disease or not is very much influenced by the environmental factors like lifestyle and others. This can be explained in a simpler way. When a set of community people with high BP existing in a rural environment, move to an urban environment, all their blood pressures rates will shift. Mostly the rates shoot up. However, if you are in a countryside, no matter how high your BP be, it would cross the threshold which is hypertension. So you`ll be carrying the genes, but it won`t be obvious. In most cases high BP cannot be detected with signs and symptoms so it is always advisable to keep a regular check on the BP with your doctors help.

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