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Digestive System Problem

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 31 Aug, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Maintaining a normal blood pressure is one of the factors which help the people to lead a healthy life. Any change in the level of normal blood pressure proves quites dangerous for the health of the individual. Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure cause medical problems in the humans. But perhaps, hypertension or high blood pressure is the more common and dangerous of the two blood pressure conditions. The digestive system problem is caused by hypertension. The details of digestive system problem are provided below. Acidity is one of the digestive system problems which are encountered by the patients of hypertension. There are a large number of drugs which are available with the chemists which prove quite useful in the case of acidity. One of the most common drug which you could avail is that of cimetidine. Taking this medicine for about 4-6 weeks usually takes care of any acidity problems which the hypertension patients may have. Another quite popular drug for the same problem is ranitidine. These are 2 of the most effective drugs against ulcer problems. The doctors are very likely to prescribe these medicines in the case of any digestive system problem. Antibiotics are also quite frequently used to treat the digestive system problems caused by high blood pressure. One of the major benefits of using the antibiotics is that does not in any way affect the blood pressure. Many of the drugs which are prescribed by the doctors for hypertension could cause a digestive system problem. Thus they are likely to prescribe some of the antibiotics which would protect you from acquiring any problems which affect the digestive system. If you are suffering from hypertension, then it is advisable for you to avoid food items which cause acidity.

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