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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 06 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  DATING & RELATIONSHIPS  

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Relationship is the foundation of human society. Society in itself is a big relationship. Explore other relationships and learn about different domains of the world of relationship. There are different kinds of relationships nurtured within our hearts, some defined and some undefined.Discover the charms and twists of other relationships fully. Lets start with friendship, a relationship incorporating almost every emotional components and sentiments. Friendship as a term connotes affection, esteem and mutual knowledge. Friends are comfortable in each others company and are loyal towards each other. Altruism is an important aspect of friendship.

Generally the tastes of two friends converge and they share enjoying activities. They will help other mutually and will share feelings and emotions. Friends share hardships and give advices to each other. Friendship is about reciprocation. The value of friendship is very huge in ones life. The traits which, are demonstrated in a friendship are: Mutual understanding Honesty, though this characteristics is not specific to friendship is one of the most important quality of friendship. Only a friend can speak the truth, especially when others find it difficult to utter the truth, only a friend can point out your faults. Empathy and Sympathy A friend will sympathize and empathize with you in every circumstance. Desire the Best for Friend A friend will desire the best things for his or her friend. If you compare personal relationships with friendship, then it is more a close association and different colors play within friendship. There are different theories regarding friendship like relational dialectics, equity theory, social exchange theory, social psychology and other theories. Friendship is one of the finest human experiences and the major religions sanctify it. One of the earliest known literary works in human history, The Epic of Gilgamesh chronicles the story of friendship in depth. There is the story of friendship between David and Jonathan in the Abrahamic faiths. In German Romanticism, friendship played significant role. Die Burgschaft of Schiller is a good example of eulogy of friendship . Now lets venture into a not to so traveled into domain, concubinage. A woman is a concubine, when she has a quasi-matrimonial relationship with a man, who is higher in social status than her.

A man can keep a concubine with his official wife. A man can has several concubines. A concubine has limited rights legally. Law recognizes the child of a concubine as the mans child. Rulers of Europe and Asia had concubines. If you shift through the pages of history you will see that concubinage was a relationship of convenience, as the girld family got economic security from that relationship. Marriage is the bond of love and is recognized by religion, society and the government. Marriage is a civil process and often contractual. In a marriage a man takes a woman as his wife. Reasons behind marriage can be many like economic stability, social, legal and other reasons. Sexuality is legitimized in marriage.

Explore different forms of other relationships and discover the charms and twists of relationships.

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