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Meditation Mantra

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 15 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  SPIRITUALITY  

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Meditation Mantra

How to bring beauty and harmony into your life.

We all long for our lives to be suffused with peace and compassion, love and friendship. Meditation is the ideal way to cultivate these emotions that bring about mental tranquillity. Meditation will help focus your energies on positive thoughts and inspire you to share your love and kindness.

The 7 step guide to meditation

  1. Choose an isolated place- say, a quiet room - away from the hurly, burly of the world.

  2. Let it be clean, neat and clutter free.

  3. Decorate it with scented candles or a sprig of flowers.

  4. Relax your body.

  5. Take deep breaths and control your breathing.

  6. Empty your mind of all distractions.

  7. Now, concentrate on a prayer or a poem. Repeat it slowly and meaningfully, building up an easy rhythm. Choose a poem that holds meaning for you.

  8. Allow yourself to drift away. You will soon start feeling an immense inner peace suffuse your body, mind and spirit.

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