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Horse Gram and its Benefits

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 31 Jan, 2013 HEALTH  DIET  

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Horse Gram and its Benefits

Horse Gram or Cowpea, also known as Macrotyloma uniflorum is legume that is mostly used as whole meal or sprouts. It comes from the pea family and is mostly grown in India and China. Better known as Kulthi, these beans are grown mostly in tropics. It is also used in its whole form as fodder for cattle. It is very popular in the Southern Indian states and may even be consumed as a whole meal. Cowpea is served hot with boiled rice Horse gram is uncharacteristically red in colour, showing how rich it really is in iron content. Apart from iron, it is rich in calcium molybdenum, and hemagluttinin. Horse gram is used by the human body in the formation of haemoglobin.

The health benefits of horse gram have recently come into the limelight. It is widely used as an astringent. Horsegram is also used to relieve a patient of pain caused due to piles. Regular intake of this bean keeps the digestive tract free from tapeworm infections. It reduces acidity and keeps the digestive tract in mint condition. Horsegram has diuretic properties as well. Many people eat this bean as a natural health booster.  In India, it is believed that Cowpea is highly efficient in treating kidney stones. Naturopaths have confirmed this. Some studies have shown that the lipid extracts of the beans can reduce peptic ulcers. Horse gram has been proven to purify menstruation in women. Phelgm is hard to reduce when one is down with cough. A mixture of Horse gram and black pepper is highly recommended by doctors worldwide for giving relief from chest congestion. Horsegram has great cosmetic value as well. It is known to prevent skin boils and rashes. It is your best bet for controlling any dermatological problem. Those who feel cold in winters can consume this bean to keep warm. Horsegram regulates blood sugar levels as well.

For the weight conscious, Horsegram is must in their diet as it controls cholesterol levels and checks weight gain. This is because of the phenols present in this lentil crop.  As a result, this bean has become very popular in the Western world. However, its medicinal properties have been known for ages now. Ayurvedic medicines use Cowpea to treat swelling in the brain and improve eyesight. Asthma patients can control their breathing problems by taking a glass of Cowpea strain every night before going to sleep. Practitioners of Unani, consume the bean as a whole to reduce excessive sweating. Cowpea is full of anti-oxidants and is used to treat eye flu. A path breaking discovery has shown the extensive power of Horse gram in controlling arthritis. It is known to reduce vata related issues. Herbal medicines use Cowpea to restrict high fever.

Though Horse gram is still less exploited, it is nothing short of being a wonder legume that can cure many health problems and gives vitality. In the years to come, the whole world shall sing praises of this bean.

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