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Takeaway snacks for kids

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 08 Jan, 2013 HEALTH  DIET  

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Takeaway snacks for kids

Every time a mother goes out with her kids, she has a big bag of food with her. This bag carries munchies for her kids to munch on while she is busy with her work and sometimes it also has to carry some lunch as well. What to carry every time is a task for all mothers-especially if the mother is a little conscious of what her child eats. When we go out, there are loads of ready-made snacks which attract a child’s attention so easily—biscuits, lays, other wafers, kurkure, cheese balls etc. but these are the unhealthy, unapproved snacks which are better avoided. So what to carry when you are travelling or going on a short trip with your young one?

Here are a few options

1.Popcorn: Popcorn are healthy munchies for the ever hungry kids.

2.Fruits: you can cut fruits and carry them with you while travelling and you won’t even realise how fast it will disappear!

3.Puffed rice or murmuras

4.Dried fruits like almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, apricots, figs, can be carried in small packets and can be eaten as and when required.

5.Roasted peanuts and channa: these are very good source of proteins and easy to carry too!
Kids generally tend to avoid eating such foods at home as they are pampered with choice. These foods are not only good to eat but will keep your kids away from those non-nutritive packaged munchies.
Besides these munchies, you can also carry one-dish, easy to carry lunch options while travelling. These should be easy to carry as well as easy to eat for the child to eat by himself/herself. Here’s a small list:

1.Stuff parathas: Parathas can be stuffed with so many things that you can be very creative here. Stuff them with aloo, cheese or paneer and they’ll be happy to finish all you have! A hint here is you can also fill them with a little of stuff they don’t like to eat as it is. And they won’t realise it!

2.Rava dosa: Normal rava dosa with grated carrot and some coriander will make it a one dish meal which give carbohydrates, proteins as well as veges!

3.Vegetable idli: same like dosa; add some chopped mint or coriander and grate a carrot to make the normal idli look tempting enough.

4.Muthias or dhoklas: you can mix wheat and besan flours add chopped fenugreek or coriander leaves and mix some masala. Mix it into dough and steam it on a thali. Cut into desired pieces and it is ready to eat. When we cut this meal into bite size pieces, it is very easy for the kids to eat them and serves as a healthy finger food!

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