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Can food make women happy?

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 29 Oct, 2012 HEALTH  MENTAL HEALTH  

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Can food make women happy?

There are days in my life when I feel lonely and gloomy. I usually grab my favourite food that day, and eat like there is no tomorrow. There must be days in your life too, when on your way back to home from office, you stop at a drive-through to pick up some of your favourite food stuff and gorge on to it like you are going to die next minute! There is nothing to be ashamed to the fact that food definitely makes up happier (though afterwards it makes us bloated and greasy!). Good food hits the brain like a drug.

There are also other times, when cooking an eloquent and delicious meal gives us immense satisfaction and a feeling of responsibility. Mothers, usually, are known for pampering their children by stuffing them with their favourite dishes. Food undoubtedly provides us with the macro and micro nutrient which help us to sustain ourselves; but the mother’s love scales far beyond the necessity of these nutrients, whether you are 5 year old or 50! Food is also known as the wife’s weapon to reach your heart. Won’t you forgive your wife for anything, if she cooks delicious home made meal especially for you? Aren’t these enough reasons to make a woman happy?

The science of happiness says that there are a certain food products that can make us happy; like a bar of chocolate can instantly perk you up from a depressed state, a glass of strawberry shake can replenish your energy and a cheeseburger can make you feel better when you are lonely.

 The relation between food and woman dates back to the pre-historic man, when the male tribe used to hunt and women cooked and served. We, women are practically conditioned to cook food for centuries and the feeling of satisfaction while cooking is almost as primal as finding a loo to relieve yourself! Cooking food is the way many women choose to express them too. They shower love through extra cheese sandwich or creamy soups. They also express their concern through salads and health food. They can even show their anger with burnt toast and omelette! With so many shades that can be given to food by a woman, why would she need an exquisite Archies’ card to show what she feels?

Women are after all, not so complicated as they are known to be! Food is the saviour of their temper and mood, the expression of their joy and care; and a companion on the nights they find themselves alone and miserable. There are innumerable reasons why food makes women happy, but the bottom line is, cooking food makes them feel needed and responsible. Eating delicious food hits their brain at the areas unknown. The relationship between women and food is long lasting and intimate; and both are bound to make each other happy. So next time you come across any sad woman, don’t forget her to treat with a delicious meal and you will see the magic it can create!


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