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Elderly People in Old Age Homes

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 31 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Elderly People in Old Age Homes

Aging is a natural process, and all of us will become old some day or the other, but due to the improved medical facilities and other factors, the rate of mortality and fertility are decreasing leading to more elderly people. Old age homes have been a great concept being evolved to care the elders who have withdrawn from the society due to many reasons. Today, most of the senior citizens stay alone as either they are disrespected by their children or their children have migrated to some other parts of the country or the world, in search of better employment or due to some other reasons.

As old people require medical aid and assistance in almost everything they do, living alone could be quite dangerous. Old age homes are basically of two types, the one that provides free living and care  elderly people while others charge a fee for their maintenance. Many elder people are staying in old age homes as either they don`t have anyone to look after them or due to elder abuse. Young generation seems resentful towards the attitude of their parents, and thus they part ways with them leading to lonely existence. Old age homes, thus are becoming relevant in the present context.

Old age homes provide basic things such as food, shelter, clothes, medicines, etc and ensure that elderly people live a good social life. Other than that, these old age homes engage their residents in some productive activities so that they do not feel detached. As all residents of old age homes are in similar state of mind, living there become easier for elderly people. These old age homes have become a source of living for countless senior citizens who have no one after them. Old age homes accommodate senior citizens while providing all facilities.

Due to improved life expectancy and more elder abuse, there has been a significant increase in the number of old age homes. After analyzing the importance of medical care for senior citizens, government has shown keen interest in establishing more charitable old age homes. Other than medical assistance, healthy aging is related to many other factors such as living a stimulating life, involvement in society, and having valuable relationships. Various NGOs and some public sector undertakings have fulfilled the need of supporting the old age group in their own ways. Old age homes have become a ray of hope for many of the people post retirements.

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