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Treatment of Arthritis

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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One of the major causes for impaired mobility in the senior member, Arthritis is one of the major diseases of the joints, hitting the aged population across the world. It is true that there are several forms of arthritis that can affect a senior patient, and before any progress could be made in regard to the Cure for Arthritis, it is imperative for the doctors to know the causes of the disease. Medical statistics show that almost 65% of the senior population across the world is affected by arthritis, which disrupts their overall mobility and leaving them in excruciating pain. As a result, cure for Arthritis is all the more important in giving the seniors at your home or in the society, a healthier and more comfortable life. According to orthopedics, there is no proven cure for arthritis, however medicinal sciences have discovered several effective treatments that can help in reducing the pain and also enhancing and maintaining movement of the joint. However before any progress is made in the cure for arthritis, it is important for the patient to go through a series of diagnostic tests.

Even a partial cure for arthritis can bring some amount of relief to the senior patient at your home. In case of a cure for mild arthritis, there are certain modes that needs to be implemented in the daily lives of the patients. According to bone doctors, too much of strain or physical activities might be one of the aggravating factors for arthritis. So in case the pain experienced is more, it is advisable for the senior patients to restrict their physical movements. A continual rest can often prove to be helpful for treating a arthritic pain. Hot and cold baths can also be a good home cure for arthritis of this kind. In case if the pain increases during the nights, you can also rub some local pain relieving ointment over the affected area. As in case of a graver form of the disease, the pain might be so unbearable that prescription drugs or over the counter pain killers might be a good relief. In case of a stronger degree pain, Cortisone shots in the form of injections is an effective and lasting cure for arthritis. However, prolonged usage of these drugs can result in joint damage. Among the other treatments are visco-supplementation treatments.

For a longer lasting cure for arthritis, especially when the disease has become acute, surgeries like joint replacement can prove to be good. Apart from these other ways to cure arthritis is through physical rehabilitation or electric stimulation.

With general life expectancy on the rise, and the changing societal conditions, the seniors might often feel a dearth of love and security.

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