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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 18 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Most people still do not have a complete picture of HIV/AIDS and many do not know the link between STD and AIDS. Prevention is the most effective way in the control of AIDS. There should be a change in the mindset of people. With no cure anywhere in sight for AIDS at present, the patients have to make use of the options available and improve their quality of life. Remember, anybody can be infected with HIV. Help those people who are tested positive, to lead a healthy and happy life.

1. How far has medical treatment been successful for AIDS?

The treatment of AIDS includes antiviral therapy, which is a mixture of three drugs and is hence called cocktail therapy. However, this drug therapy has been found to have serious side effects like nerve damage, cholesterol and heart diseases. This has alarmed the medical fraternity leading to a growing concern regarding the toxic effects of AIDS therapy. Hence, the US Federal Health Authority has recently issued a guideline that treatment of AIDS should be delayed as long as possible for people without symptoms.

2. What is the other alternative?

AIDS is caused by the suppression of immune system. Since these people Have regularly abused their immune system with antibiotics and drug abuse, it might have led to the building of toxins in their system. Hence, the damage caused to the
Immune system by the HIV virus can be reversed to a great extent if people change Their habits eat nutritious food and practice hygiene. Studies have shown that such People live longer than other HIV infected people.

3. What is the best possible way of taking care of the HIV infected people?

The virus does not spread if a good care is taken of the patient. Primarily,treat symptoms with normal remedies. Use home remedies for treating colds like steam inhalation and medicated tea. Give honey or lemon for sore throat. For diarrhea, give salt/sugar solution or rice gruel to prevent dehydration. Give mild medicines such as paracetamol for head ache and body ache. Soothing lotions such calamine could be applied for itching skin.

4. How could the patient be helped to stay healthy?

Encourage the person to eat small meals throughout the day to fight weight loss. Such people should be given a high calorie and protein rich diet consisting of dals, groundnuts and cereals. Help the person to keep track of his life. Make the person to take rest and avoid stress. Such people need all the vitamins, energy and strength to fight the disease. To avoid infection from food, give them only freshly cooked food and drinking water from a clean and covered vessel. Keep their surroundings clean and help them to take care of their personal hygiene. When things are clean, chances for the virus to grow is reduced.

5. What are the risk factors for children born with HIV ?

Children born with HIV usually develop AIDS by the time they are two years old, and die before they are five. Only a very small percentage survive till five. Since their immunity system is still developing, children tend to contract infections quickly and succumb to it faster than adults. The common infections in children are bacterial, such as meningitis. Viral infections like chicken pox and measles keep recurring. Hence, these children should have regular check ups.

6. What are the things to be kept in mind for children with HIV?

Infected infants should be breastfed as breast milk provides all necessary nutrients to build their immune system. They should be given normal, healthy food and most important of all they should be allowed to have a normal life as possible.They can play with other children. Risk arises only when they get wounded and the blood falls on another child`s open wounds. It is better to tell them about their body and prepare them to take care of themselves. Encourage them to be self reliant for as long as they can. This would make them feel in control of their life.

7. What is the real dread of AIDS affected people today?

It is the fear of rejection and social ostracism that is the dread of every HIV infected person. This will have a negative impact on the patient. It can force the person to run away, and this means he or she will never get proper care and education on HIV and AIDS and may end up passing the infection to other people.

8. Can the HIV affected people lead a happy life?

The HIV positive person can live a healthy life for a long time before they get sick. They should follow a controlled lifestyle, should not donate blood or have sex without condoms. They should not share injection instruments. They should have regular medical check ups and quit smoking, heavy drinking or using drugs. More important for them is to have a positive outlook towards life.

Remember that just like cancer, diabetes, kidney failure and others patients who get full support both from the family and the society, AIDS patients are similar to them. They need not be blamed for their condition. Even if you are not ready to show them pity, do not discriminate them. They have enough physical suffering and do not require any more mental torture.

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