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Magnet Therapy

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 14 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  SPIRITUALITY  

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Magnet Therapy

Magnet therapy was founded by Paracelsus , a well-known Swiss physician and alchemist of the sixteenth century. He was the first to investigate the therapeutic properties of the magnet.

According to magneto therapists, every cell in the human body is electro magnetic in nature. Every human cell has a distinct and characteristic magnetic frequency. When a person`s health fails, this frequency gets disturbed and there is a change in the optimal frequency. Ill health causes changes in the cell vibration. Magnet therapy helps to bring back the cell`s vibration to the optimal level thereby restoring good health.

Research shows that magnet therapy has been used to cure a wide range of chronic ailments like migraine, ulcers, arthritis, paralysis and mental retardation. The two poles of a magnet namely the South Pole and the North Pole have distinct characters that help in curing a disease. The South Pole of a magnet is either coloured blue or is marked `S` for easy identification. The South Pole is said to have soothing and cooling effects. It controls inflammation, arthritis, spondylitis and is also said to arrest cancerous tumours. It also cures epilepsy, insomnia and mental retardation.

The North Pole is marked `N` or is coloured red. The North Pole is used to aid the treatment of abdominal ailments, hernia and paralysis. One of the main treatments in magnet therapy includes the drinking of magnetised water. Drinking magnetised water regularly is said to improve health. Researchers have also found out that magnetised water when taken regularly, reduces kidney stones.

In addition to curing one`s health, the magnet is also being used as an aid to beauty these days. The South Pole of a magnet is said to help control wrinkles and pimples. Judicial use of magnet therapy goes a long way in combating ill health.

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