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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 21 Oct, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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Today, our society globally faces a lot of public health concerns such as obesity, smoking, excessive drinking, and lung diseases, among others.  in fact, public health refers to health of the complete society, town on a larger scale and country or nation on a broader scale. Because we, as individuals, form a very important part of the society around us, it is important that each one of us takes the necessary steps to ensure public health in and around our immediate surroundings.

Today, in order to improve the standard of living of every person and to bring down the number of diseases and endemic that occurs in a country, many public health organizations have been founded. These public health organizations are, indeed, autonomous bodies, non-government organizations (NGOs) or even government-aided bodies that work towards the upliftment of the society and eradicating all forms and types of hazards to public health, such as diseases, sanitation, potable water, and non-supply of common medicines, among others.
Such public health organizations reduce the exposure of a population to a large number of diseases through effective measures and steps such as vector control, proper and covered sanitation. These steps, along with the upliftment of the poor sections of society, also help in building the country’s infrastructure and aid in overall development. In some parts of the world such as East Asia a complete set of strategic public health initiatives was taken to raise the living of the population and life expectancies. This, in turn, initiated moves for poverty reduction and fast economic growth of the region.

In India, in particular, when talks take place for any public health concerns and fund-raising activities take place across the country, a large amount of the total fund raised goes on the health services prevailing in the country, to make the current health services better for the citizens of the country. This means improving the medicals services that are provided to the citizens of the country in order to improve their lifestyle. However, concentrating completely on improving the health services is not the complete cure. The public health organizations must also look into improving the complete standard of living of the poor—by giving them access to potable water, electricity, proper and closed sanitation, grains, etc.

However, the concern for public health is such that is not restricted and bounded by geographical boundaries. Today, the whole world stands together in improving the health standards of the mankind in general. Some public health ethics are considered at a broad scale on international forums. The eradication of tobacco and enhancing the corporate social responsibility of the manufacturers of this slow-killing poison form a major section when public health concerns are discussed on international platforms.

Another important aspect of these international forums is infectious diseases. It is the humane reasonability of each country and region to avoid any outbreak of any kind of infectious disease such as chicken flu, influenza, chicken pox, bird flu, etc. In case such outbreaks occur, immediate steps must be taken to bring them under control and not to transmit the viruses of the disease to adjoining countries and nations. Ensuring such small but effective steps, we all will certainly raise the standard of public health in our country and the nation as whole.

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