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American Geriatric Society, Popular Health Organizations for Healthy Aging, Facts About Aging, Healthy Aging

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 08 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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To provide insight into the facts about aging, we find that Geriatric is a common issue when human being attains new phase of their life at the full completion of the corporate life. In reality we might feel the completion of the phase of corporate life is the end of human life, basically it is not. The retired persons or the aging persons have a lot to contribute towards the development of the society. There are some popular health organizations for healthy aging life. American Geriatric Society is one such organization, which is instrumental to make the life of the aged persons a healthy and vibrant one.

American Geriatric Society is one of the non-profit making organizations of US with more than 6,700 physicians of different disciplines devoted to improve the health, independence and the standard of life of elderly people. This organization provides guidelines to health care professionals and policy makers. The organization also motivates the public to join hands with them and implement the tasks and goals towards the betterment of the society. The society also take the utmost care in the ailing aged persons, research on removal of any inconsistencies from the life of the aged persons and ensure that proper health care to be religiously maintained by the public at large. The societys future goal is that the aged American national do the quality oriented care in government hospitals and nursing homes.

There are different strategies adopted by the American Geriatric Society. The strategies adopted are stated as follow:
  • Proper expansion of Geriatrics through constant research
  • Increasing the number of health care professionals who has compassion of the elderly persons
  • Recruitment of quality physicians
  • Implementation of proper public policy and education to up grade the health of the seniors.
  • There are guidelines enacted by American Geriatric Society for the treatment of the aged persons and alleviate from the sufferings.
To know more about the Facts about Aging and American Geriatric Society, dont hesitate to log onto healthyaginghub.com

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