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American Federation of Aging Research, Popular Health Organizations for Healthy Aging, Facts About Aging, Healthy Aging

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 08 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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There is abundance of aging persons all across the globe. This is a natural phenomenon when one has to accept the harsh truth sportingly. Interesting part we notice that in case of some aging persons it is difficult to accept the harsh truth, but some accepts it sportingly. As due to non-acceptance of the harsh truth by some aging persons, friction takes place with the family members, children and the friends circle. Those who accept the harsh truth due to aging they are the winner and lead a peaceful life.

Due to the non-acceptance the aging persons or the retired persons suffer some common ailments like Alzheimer disease, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar (Type one due to worries) and various other ailments which puts the sufferers on tenterhooks.

As per the facts about aging is concerned, there are popular organizations concerned about the health of the aging. American Federation of Aging Research is one such organizations who is engaged in the task of undertaking research about the condition of the aged persons and to impart confidence among them so that they dont feel nervous in this phase of life, i.e in their post retired life. In the research about the aging persons it is found that what is the condition of the aged persons. Whether they are leaving a healthy life, or whether they are leading a life with illness and anxieties which retard the peace in their last phase of life. Some of the aged persons are found to have suffered from heart ailments, Alzheimer disease and other age related problems. In this regard to pacify the anxiety of the aged persons to some extent the American Federation of Aging Research is continuously doing research work on human aging and solutions to overcome from the aging illness.

The basic problem of aging in human life is the feeling of being lonely. The children are busy in their personal life throughout the day and year. There is hardly any time for them to look after the needs of the parents. There are some parents who are able to adjust to the aging stage; some are not able to adjust at all. In this case what we find the aging persons are continuously suffering from heart ailments, Alzheimer disease and other chronic ailments, which is difficult to get cured. In this case AFAR becomes close to these persons and try their level best to solve some of their problems or grievances by providing some occupations. During the aged life there are various ways by which an individual can make themselves occupied which is an eye opener to the younger generation. These people are made to understand that they are also inevitable in this world; their rich experiences in life are the keystones towards the success of the next generation. Some of the aged persons are engaged with social work, attached with different Non Governmental Organizations and also various other social organizations of repute. Reading books, writing articles and teaching students may also pass off the aging phase of the retired persons.

To know more about the Facts about Aging and American Federation of Aging Research, dont hesitate to browse through to healthyaginghub.com

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