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Depression, clutches of Depression, Mental Health, Facts About Depression

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 10 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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Depression is the persisting problem most commonly found among the elderly people in today`s world having severe adverse effect on their Mental Health. Unable to cope up with the changing situation, the aged people are gradually being entrapped within the web of the depression attacks. In later life, Depression can follow with many reasons like some chronic diseases, physical disabilities, lack of social supports, death of children, spouse, or siblings. Sometimes retirement from workplace or change of an age old residential place can also lead to depression in the aged people.

Depression is one of the major cause that might reduce the lifespan of the elderly adults, increasing the death risk factor. Depression also enhances the chances of cardiac arrests and leads to other chronic diseases including Sleep Disorders, Regular Headaches, Lung Diseases, Asthma, Obesity, Cholesterol, and so forth. Some of the aged women face depression after their menopause which is again followed by chronic diseases like Osteoporosis. Apart from the natural death factor, another serious impact of depression in aged people is the suicidal tendency among them.

To save our elders, one must try to keep them away from the most common factors leading to depression in their later age. Sometimes going through a long-term illnesses, such as, diabetes, paralysis, heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimers disease, physical disabilities, and Parkinsons disease, shoots the chances of clinical depression among the aged. Hence they should be under regular observation and the doctors should not miss to check the possibilities of depression in the older people. There are many anti-depressant drugs found in the markets and psychotherapy which would be helpful for curing depression in aged people. Still the best remedy to prevent our loved elders from being under the clutches of Depression is to give them support from family and friends. They should be involved in various activities and kept away from circumstances of isolation.

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