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Lifespan of a Human Being,Male Lifespan,Female Lifespan

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 08 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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The Life Span of a Human being is a very important aspect of living. Life span varies across species ie between species. It also varies within the species. A mouse may have a life span of 4 years, a bald eagle of 70 years and a male lifespan of 72 years and a female lifespan of 79 years. Some reptiles have longer lifespan than human beings. Lifespan of a Human Being is usually calculated through Longevity that refers to long life. It has been difficult to authenticate the longest human lifespan as birth statistics of past have been inaccurate. Thus myths have been furthered in the past and continue to be furthered in the present too.
The word `longevity` is also used as a synonym for `life expectancy` in demography. There are many things to an individual`s longevity. Significant factors in life expectancy are genetics, gender, hygiene, health care exercise, access, diet, lifestyle, and crime rates. These are relevant facts in aging.

The Life Span of a Human Being in different types of countries are First World is 77 to 83, e.g. Canada 80.1 years, 2005 estimate, Third World 35 to 60 years e.g. Mozambique 40.3 years, 2005 estimate. Population longevities can be seen as increasing due to increases in life expectancies around the world Spain 81.02 years in 2002, 82.31 years in 2005, Australia 80 years in 2002, 80.39 years in 2005, Italy 79.25 years in 2002, 79.68 years in 2005, France 79.05 years in 2002, 79.60 years in 2005, Germany 77.78 years in 2002, 78.65 years in 2005, UK 77.99 years in 2002, 78.4 years in 2005 and USA 77.4 years in 2002, 77.7 years in 2005

The Life Span of a Human Being as per validated longevity records include Jeanne Calment 1875 to 1997, 122 years and 164 days, the oldest person in history whose age has been verified by modern documentation. Christian Mortensen 1882 to 1998, 115 years and 252 days, is the oldest male widely accepted by scholars.

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