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Respect for the Aged Day, ‘Respect for the Aged Day’ Celebrations,Days in Honor of Elderly Citizens

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There are several facts about aging. With aging not only does the physical condition of the body deteriorates but one tends to become very weak mentally as well. As one becomes older, he becomes more dependent on others for physical as well as mental support. This is the time when we the young and sensible part of the society need to be by their side. It is us who can make them realize how special they are for us, and that for them we are here today.

Just like the way they showered love and support to us when we just beginning to the see the world, it becomes our turn to show them how important they are in our lives and how much love and respect they deserve from us. For this reason, there are several days in honor of elderly citizens. One such day is the Respect for the Aged Day. The Respect for the Aged Day celebrations are mainly held in as it is a national holiday in Japan which is held each year to honor the elderly people.

A Respect for the Aged Day has been declared a national holiday since the year 1966. It is celebrated on September 15 every year. In the year 2000, Japan declared the Happy Monday System where a number of holidays were shifted to Mondays. This system was started in 2003. Since then the Respect for the Aged Day is celebrated on the third Monday of September. The history of this holiday dates back to 1947, when Nomatanimura (now called Yachiyocho), Hyogo Prefecture announced September 15 to be the Old Folks` Day. After it gained immense popularity nationwide, it began to be called as Respect for the Aged Day since 1966. On this day, the Japanese media, for celebrating Respect for the Aged Day features the elderly people. They report the population of the countrys oldest people and highlight them.

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