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Telephonic Interviews

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 26 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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It is now common for companies to conduct their screening with the help of a telephone. Heres how to go about it.

Practise before the mirror, ask yourself questions and then answer them. This is the best way to perfect your pronunciation, speed and your choice of words.

  • Begin by introducing yourself with your first name after greeting the caller.

  • Dont talk too much, too fast. Let the other person do most of the talking. You keep your reserve. You must know when to stop and start answering. If asked to describe your previous job, take not more than a minute    prepare this beforehand.

  • Remember the "plug" words when you hesitate or when you take time to think. For example, a "plugging" can be done by asking the person to repeat the question (do it only once!). Invent different ways, or use different phrases, to give you more time. Or please say that you dont know if you couldnt manage. Dont try to be humorous or crack jokes.

  • Clear your doubts. Request for more information if you are not sure of the answer. Remember the only way to make an impression here is to let the other person talk.

  • Keep your resume handy so that you wouldnt make embarrassing mix up with details when asked about your work, projects, etc.

  • Ask about details you need to know. Be sure of your language; NEVER USE SLANG WORDS. And, if you are a habitual stammerer, please inform the person.

  • If a discussion is stretching too long, finish your point with an example and always give way to the other person. Remember, in a medium like this, tempers can easily rise.

  • Dont be overtly excited or profusely thank the caller even before the interview begins.

  • "Do you have anything to ask?" is the frequently employed end quote by the interviewer. Use this opportunity to know about the company, the management, and to clarify issues.

  • Thank the caller for the time he/she has given you.

    After the interview is over, thank him for calling you. Repeat it again for greater effect and place the receiver down in a gentle manner.

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