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Etiquette Quiz for Teens

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 25 Jun, 2011 HEALTH  WOMENS & KIDS HEALTH  

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Etiquette Quiz for Teens

1) How would you eat corn on the cob at a formal dinner?
a) Carefully pick up with two hands and eat from left to right.
b) Cut kernels from cob and eat with a knife and fork.
c) Corn on the cob is never served at formal dinners.
d) Butter the corn liberally, eat with relish and lick your fingers when done.

2) When walking through the outside door, who holds the door for whom?
a) A young man holds the door for an older woman.
b) A young woman holds the door for an older man.
c) Whoever goes in first holds the door.
d) All of the above.

3) You receive a cell phone call while you`re in an important meeting. What do you do?
a) Answer it and excuse yourself to have the conversation in the hall.
b) Let it ring until it stops.
c) Answer the phone and turn your back for conversation privacy.
d) Turn off the phone before the meeting and check for messages when the meeting is over.

4) There are unusual pieces of cutlery at your place setting. What do you do?
a) Discreetly ask your neighbour what they are for.
b) Observe which utensils others are using and follow his or her example.
c) Guess which to use and hope for the best.
d) Ignore the questionable utensils and eat the way you are comfortable.

5) Where do you place your purse while dining at a restaurant?
a) On the table to the right of your place setting.
b) Hanging over the back or arm of your chair.
c) On the floor.
d) On your lap or between your back and the chair.

6) A visitor walks into your office or classroom. How do you greet her/him?
a) Stand up, step from behind the desk, greet the person, shake hands, introduce yourself and offer him a seat.
b) Smile warmly and gesture for him to sit.
c) Wrap up the telephone call you were involved in and greet him when you hang up.
d) Greet him and wait for him to be seated before asking him how you can be of help.

7) What is the difference between the American and Continental styles of dining?
a) Continental is used only in French restaurants.
b) Place settings are different for American style eating.
c) Continental requires use of both left and right hands simultaneously to manipulate food.
d) Once you pick up your silverware you never put it down in the Continental style.

8) What is the best way to dress for a job interview?
a) Wear what you wear to the mall.
b) Expose all tattoos and piercings so the prospective employer will know what they can expect to see each day.
c) Wear conservative, business style clothes so the interviewer can pay attention to what you are saying, not what you are wearing.
d) Dress in the latest fashions so everyone will know how cool you are.

9) Why are small bites of food better to take than large ones?
a) It is better for digestion.
b) So that you can respond when spoken to.
c) So there is less chance of losing the food on its way to your mouth.
d) All of the above.

1) c
2) d
3) d
4) b
5) d
6) a
7) c
8) c
9) d

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