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Friendship is considered to be one of the most cherished relationships that connect two entirely different human beings with a common bondage. Friendship has a deep impact on the overall growth and development of an individual. They play an important role in the growing up days and there are some friends who always remain by your side by choice or by consequence. The little secrets and special moments we share with our friends remain in our heart forever. Some friends even become closer than siblings. And now you can connect to your long lost friends through the different friend sites emerging in the Internet which are fast becoming very popular.
Earlier we could only make friends at schools or in our neighborhood or through groups and associations or at work. There are different types and categories of friends which can be classified. Earlier we used to have pen friends. Pen-friends are friends whom we have not seen but have developed the beautiful bond of friendship through letters. A pen friend could be from your own city or from another city or country as well. The concept of Pen-friends was quite prominent earlier but now we make friends through the Internet. Nowadays the concept of online or Internet friends is in vogue. Through the Friend Sites you can now make new friends and connect to the old ones as well.
But with technology making its way things have changed a great deal. The world has become smaller and we can now connect to more and more people very easily. By just one click of the mouse and we can now make a friend or get to know a new person. That is the first step to making a friend. Making friends is easy but to continue that friendship through thick and thin is the tough part. You have a lot of responsibilities when you have a relationship to think about. Each and every relation is delicate and you have to be very careful about it whether it is on the Internet or through letters. But with the emergence of the friend sites you can now enter a whole new world of friendship.
The two of the most popular friend sites which can make you feel great as well as have fun by making new friends are as follows:

Orkut one of the popular friend sites

Orkut is a social networking friend site which is operated and owned by Google. The orkut has great many services and helps you to make new friends as well as connect to the old ones. This friend site is named after its creator. It is among the most popular friend sites which faces stiff competition from Facebook. This is not very popular in America but is more popular in Asian countries. It was first started in the year 2004 in January. A user first creates its profile and then fills in the personal, social as well as professional details. The concerned person can upload images and videos as well. There are other miscellaneous features too which you can explore and have fun with.

Facebook among the other trendy friend sites

Facebook is an international social networking site which is also one of the most trendy or popular friend sites in use by millions of people across the world. It is owned and operated by Facebook. This site has many features which appeals to the users. Through the site also you can upload photos and videos as well as chat and send messages. Some of the other features include: News feed, Notes, Gifts, Pokes, Events, and other games. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook sitting in his Harvard dormitory room. This site is meant for children above the age of 13 years. Although there are no strict rules enforced but it is unofficially meant for children above the age of 13.


The latest in the field of online friendship is Twitter. Although not a very hard core friend site it has definitely opened the doors to good business networking as well as friendship. It is social networking site with the service of micro-blogging. The users can send and receive tweets through the site and share links too. These tweets are generally conversational or news, or self promotion or even pointless jabber or spam. Twitter has opened up a new gate of friendship and networking.

Chat Rooms

Other forms and types of friend sites through which you can make new friends are Yahoo chat rooms and Hotmail chat rooms. The concept of chat rooms are not new it has come into existence and popularity a decade ago almost. Through these chat rooms you can make and meet new friends. Although their identities remain hidden but often it is much easier to share a secret with a friend whom you know or to a friend whom you dont know face to face.
The chat rooms are a process by which you can chat with many people at the same time. This is an online chat by which one can send text messages to the people in the chat room. Some people can be rude and lewd in the chat rooms. But you cannot avoid the possible dangers which these chat rooms pose. As in chat rooms the real identity is not disclosed and hence you can get tricked and hoodwinked.
How to join a yahoo chat room

You can join a yahoo chat room by creating an account in yahoo and then clicking on the groups in the list of services. You can choose a chat room which you would prefer to join. Click on the link and then you would be required to enter some information before finally you can join. This can be very interesting if you are in a chat room where people are having stimulating conversations.
Join any one of the friend sites today and usher in a whole new phase in your life as you join the Internet to make new friends. You will have a great time as you enjoy making and building new and beautiful bonds of friendship.
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