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Foodborne Infections

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 May, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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The foodborne infections are the immediate causes of all types of food poisoning that are found among people throughout the whole world. Foodborne infections can come into the body of a person not only through the solid foods that are taken in by someone. They may also be the external agents that can come through the beverages of various kinds. There are various types of foodborne infections and all of them are capable of various outcomes. There are also various types of symptoms that are commonly found among the patients that are all caused by the foodborne infections.

As far as the researches are done throughout the whole world, the number of fooborne illness that are found among people are of two hundred and fifty types. Among the foodborne infections the mentionable ones are poisonous chemicals that may be present in the food items, viruses, parasites and many others as well. The reactions of all these foodborne infections are not the same. These variations are very important for the physicians to perform the right kind of diagnosis of foodborne illness.

The first symptom that takes place in the body of the patient is vomiting tendency. This happens because of the fact that irregular excretion makes one incapable of clearing the bowels in the natural way. So, vomiting becomes the only way for the bodies to get rid of the foodborne infections.

The presence of the chemicals in the food is because of the fact that sometimes pesticides are used to treat the agricultural crops in the proper way. So, from this point of view it is always important to clean the green vegetables after bringing them to home. There are also microbes like bacterias and viruses that are also included among the most effective types of foodborne infections. Many of the foodborne infections can also come through the drinking water which is one of the most integral part of our daily life. From this point of view the governing body of a region has to secure the hygiene of the drinking water with which they are providing the people.

Affecting time of all the foodborne infections are not the same. Some of them react immediately whereas some do not. The foodborne infections that can harm immediately have all reactions that are easily diagnosed whereas those which react a long time after intaking the contaminated food items are more dangerous than the first kind. Treatments for the different kinds of foodborne illness should always be different. There are many kinds of tests that are available to detect the exact kinds of virus that has attacked the body of a person.

In most of the foodborne illnesses the patients suffer from acute diarrhea. The rate of excretion goes so high that a huge amount of salt goes out of the body of the patients and ultimately the patient falls ill out of dehydration. Sometimes high fever with temperature around 101F is found among the patients. There are separate medicines that are available for the exact treatment of this disease.

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