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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 27 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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Food Poisoning is a infection of foods that affect people of all age groups. Food poisoning is very common nowadays as people consume more and more street foods, which are not processed maintaining proper cooking hygiene. The foods also house host of germs and bacteria the enter in the blood cells directly with the food consumption. Bacteria multiply within minutes and affect important organs of the body like digestive tract, abdomen and kidney. Hence one must keep away from the lure of street foods to the best possible extent.

Certain cooking tips can followed in home cooking to be immune from various food borne disease. Our site sitagita provides healthy cooking tips that ensure hygienic and germ free cooking leading to nutrition and growth of those having them.

The cooking tips are general tips that will make for hygienic cooking and reduce the chance of getting the foods affected with toxins and pathogens. During the time of marketing collect the vegetables and non-veg products in separate packets. When storing them in the refrigerator try to store them in separate selfs. While preparing rich non-veg foods from meat, fish, poultry and other animal products first wash it throughly with clean water. The germs and bacteria in the product may stay with it even after the wash. So it is better to clean it with warm water.

Always wash your hands before coming to the kitchen. The utensils and devices of cooking should also be cleaned with soap before cooking. Some common utensils and devices fro cooking include forks, spoons, spatula, dishes, bowls, cutters, grinders, slicers, smashers and frying pan. Separate cutting boards are advisable for animal products and other non-animal products.

The cooked food should be placed on a clean dish or bowl and covered. Most of the food infections occur from unclean utensils and uncovering of the foods. It is very necessary to see that the animal foods are not undercooked. Undercooked foods are susceptible to infections as bacteria and germs are not completely destructed. The animal food and seafood should be boiled at a specific temperature for the complete destruction of the bacteria. The foods remain better if they are kept warm on the oven.

It is better to avoid cooking foods with products having synthetic colors in them. Bright colors like red, blue and green have the high risk of having fungus in them. Colored food items like cream, cheese and other dairy products are vulnerable to fungi. If there is any sign of toxins in the products, they should at once be removed. Sometimes the green vegetables and fruits are sold with synthetic colors in them. The leafy greens have small warms entangling them. In such cases the vegetables should be washed thoroughly and cooked after complete removal of colors and worms. It is wiser to avoid puffed food cans, which may have harmful micro-organisms in them. It is due to the toxic gases the container of the cans may have swelling in them. Hope these cooking tips will make for a hygienic treat for you. Happy eating.

The site sitagita provides comprehensive insight on cooking tips

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