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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 21 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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Go Goa!

Goa....conjures up magical images of sun kissed beaches, swaying palm fronds, aspiring steeples and yes, great food! Goa is a great blend of cultures and tastes, and nothing reflects this as well as Goan food. .... more >>

Behind a successful dinner party

Is it that every time you plan a dinner party, you spend more time biting your nails in apprehension and remain undecided on what to cook? Well, a few pointers here will help you make the most of your dinner do, which is after all the time... more >>

Chinese cuisine " the yin and yang aspects

Hot and cold " the yin and the yang. This philosophy underlines all Chinese thinking and Confucius who compiled the I Ching is the author who makes first mention of it...more>>

How to make perfect pasta - from experience and after a few accidents!

A pasta can turn out to be a culinary disaster in just a matter of minutes - it can get undercooked, overcooked, can be tasteless, stuck together in an indistinguishable mass or just be plain inedible. more >>

Restaurants in Pune

Here are some recommendations for restaurants in Pune! Some of these restaurants serve Continental, Indian and Italian. What is specific to Pune though is that no two restaurants are the same each seems to possess an ambience and personality of its own! more >>

Where curry is king

The world`s growing discernment about Indian food has coincided with a deepening appreciation of the country. India has ceased, in the British mind, to be about the Raj and poverty-stricken villages. more>>

Let`s salute the culinary experts

Women`s day is a day to celebrate success. Let`s celebrate the success of these women who have turned monotonous cooking into a fine art. more>>

The galloping gourmet

Forget dal-chawal. It`s the age of kimchi, paella and sushi. A culture is as much about its people and customs, as it is about its food. more>>

Udipi restaurants

Udipi? Ring a bell? Yes, it is the name of the chain of little restaurants that are giving a `licking` to mammoth competitors selling pizzas, burgers and all manner of `western` fast food. more >>

Concept Khana

And now get ready for concept food. Calcutta (sorry, it`s Kolkota now!) is home to India`s first New Age cafe that serves food based on Ayurvedic principles. more>>

Curry rules in britain

Bangers and mash are dead, long live curry. more >>

Chai Celebs

So how would you like yours today- Orange Pekoe, Darjeeling, Green, Lapsang Suchong, Earl Grey? more>>

The weighing machine

A daughter-in-law who lives in the US has very recently sent her mother-in-law a weighing machine. In the accompanying letter she apologies for not being able to find a machine that shows the weight in kgs. more>>

`Best before` labels on packaged foods

The Government has issued a notification to the food industry which makes it mandatory for all packed food items to carry a `best before` deadline. The Government has decided to set September 1 as the date before the notification is implemented. more>>

Bellying up with Chor Bizarre

There`s apna own Vikram Chatwal who owns the hippest hotel- `The Times`- in New York. more>>

Marking the meat

Veggies take heart. You need no longer agonise over whether the food you ingest is fully vegetarian or not. more>>

Guide to Restaurants-Mumbai

Take some time out from wheeling and dealing in India`s busiest metropolis, to savour some fabulous food. more>>

Guide to Restaurants-Delhi

Looking for a guide to restaurants in the capital which offer the best food to tickle your tastebuds? Just read on. more>>

Guide to Restaurants-Chennai

Here is a list of restaurants in Chennai grouped according to the specialities they offer. more>>

Guide to Restaurants-Bangalore

For a handy guide to restaurants in Bangalore which offer delicious food to suit your palate, just click here. more>>

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