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New Year Party

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 12 Jul, 2011 LIFESTYLE  FESTIVALS & CULTURE  

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New Year Party sets the right tone, mood and background for the party blast. New Year is round the corner and people are eagerly waiting to welcome the approaching year. It is the best time to party with lots of fun and enjoyment. So, pull up your socks for a blast on 31st December night. Make a plan for a beautiful and rocking New Year Eve Party. Just call on your loved ones and do not forget to invite that `special someone` to make the event prettier, lovelier and the `most` special.

New Year Party Ideas

New Year Party Invitation

First of all make a list of the names of the individuals who you would like to invite for your New Year bash. Make sure that the invitation cards are delivered to the respective person one day before the big celebration. The reason for this is that most people schedule their New Year outings well in advance. The invitations can have a distinctive look but make sure to associate them with the main party theme. For instance, if the theme of the party is clock or wind-chimes, the invitation cards should bear the shape of the clocks packed in small spherical boxes with the name of the invitee embossed on it. Your clock boxes can also have the image of a clock on it.

New Year Party Decoration

A radiant decoration does wonders to generate the right spirit and mood. Make your party a remarkable one and the one that become the most talked about. A fantastic decoration is a major pre-requisite for any party and the New Year bash is not any different. Decorate your house as per the theme of the bash. You can embellish your party zone with greetings, banners, balloons, streamers, ribbons and flowers. Decorate your indoors and outdoors with Christmas lights to add that extra spark to the celebrations.

New Year Party Dance

Bashes sans good music make it a dreary affair, and this should not happen when you are in the full spirit to welcome the New Year. Arrange a good sound system if you are arranging a New Year party. It will be better if your sound system has that sing-along facility. Select foot-tapping musical tracks. Avoid compiling tracks of your choices and rather select those which go well with all age-groups and are about the true festive spirit. If yo are ready to spend extra bucks to make your party an extravagant affair then hire a professional DJ to play some good festive songs. To set the ambiance play some soft instrumental numbers in the background throughout the evening and as the midnight draws closer switch to groovy dance numbers to set the dance floor on fire. Arrange dance themes which can incorporate a couple dance or a mat dance. Organizing dance competitions is another great New Year Dance Idea. The dancer who prompts guests to stand up and clap gets a prize along with two other fantastic performers.

New Year Party Dinner

A sumptuous food at New Year is something which everyone looks forward to. It is a vital part of the New Year celebrations. Nothing else grabs the attention of the guests on the New Year Eve other than the delicacies lined up on the dinner table. For starters you can arrange for simple snacks like chips, chicken drumsticks, babycorns, etc. which can be relished with alcoholic beverages. If your guest list incorporates kids then also arrange non-alcoholic drinks for them such as fruit juices or cold drinks. Non-vegetarian food and cocktails are the order of the day. To avoid the embarrassment of your vegetarian guests leaving the bash empty stomach you can also have provision for vegetarian dishes. If possible, it is preferable to list out their likings beforehand. Besides the contemporary dishes to please the taste buds of the guest, it is also necessary to cook some conventional New Year foods. Some crucial gastronomic delights to gorge on are black-eyed peas, ham hocks, cabbage, rice, dried red peas, bacon, salted pork and lentil soup. It is better to arrange a New Year buffet as per the tastes and likings of the guests and kids. Serve the special New Year cake to the guest post dinner.

New Year Party Theme

It is vital to organize your party on a particular theme. Once you decide on the party theme and the arrangements would follow. Theme bashes are the latest fad and everyone is throwing a bash on an innovative theme. So do not lag behind and welcome the New Year in style by throwing a theme party. "Casino Night", "Dress as a celebrity", "Garden party", "Indoor party", "Go as you like", "Cruise theme", "Retro theme", "70s Disco Theme", "Hollywood theme" are some of the preferred New Year party themes. If you want, you can create your own theme. Reward the best dressed guest for the sporting spirit.

New Year Party Costumes

Select the New Year Costumes according to the New Year Party theme. You can opt for Elvis look by sporting a chunky belt, white boot and white jacket to the "Rock `n Roll" theme party or if the theme says dress as a cartoon character, then you can dress like Pinocchio sporting that long nose. In case if the party does not have any theme then stick to the suits and gowns dress code.
New Year Party Games
Add zing and fun to the party by organizing games. Involve all the invitees in the party games to keep the boredom at bay. Some thrilling and entertaining games will lighten up the party ambiance and fill your guests with the liveliness and laughter so required to make your New Year party a memorable event.
New Year Party Gifts
New Year Gifts can range from anything that is sync with the spirit of well being and the rejuvenation of affection, tranquility, kindness and good human relations. It can be a simple bunch of nice New Year flowers, or a basket of choicest season`s fruits or a sachet of candy, chocolates and lip-smacking cookies. You can also gift them utility item such as leather bag, watch, electronic items, etc. or luxury items such as designer jewelry, cruise tickets, designer outfits, etc.

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