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Christmas Gifts

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 11 Jul, 2011 LIFESTYLE  FESTIVALS & CULTURE  

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With the arrival of November, the gift stores get stuffed with numerous types of gift items, souvenirs and cards. These are all waiting for the festive season of Christmas that is associated with the tradition of exchange of gifts among near and dear ones. As the word "Christmas" means Christ`s Mass in old English, so it implies that it is a festivity of merriment to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Son of God.

Origin of Christmas gifts

The tradition of Christmas gifts came from the New Testament where the story of the three wise men, called Magi is stated. The story goes on like this- the three sages called Magi, visited Joseph and Mary shortly after Jesus` birth. They were guided by a shiny heavenly star and brought gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense.
Since there were only three gifts, it is considered that there were only three sages as the actual number is not stated. From then onwards the exchange of Christmas gifts became an indispensable fact and tradition.
The Christmas time is the time to shower love and care on your loved ones. For this purpose, holiday gifts are the best ways to convey your feelings and emotions rather than weaving them in words. Select the perfect Xmas gift for your close ones and let that speak legends of your care and warmth for that special person.
It`s not at all necessary that the gift has to be an expensive one- it can be a simple token of love yet unique in its appeal. But, the most essential thing to be kept in mind while buying gifts for Christmas is that your gift must convey your holiday greeting just in the way you want it to be.

Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Floral presents - Conventionally flowers are great Christmas gifts. Either ordinary or the assorted, make sure that they are properly organized and carry a dash of your personal touch to it. A carefully selected flower bouquet in sync with your taste will work just fine. You can also present designer vases to your loved ones with `Merry Christmas & Happy New Year` embossed on them.
  • Object gifts - These gifts could be anything from fountains to clocks, wind chimes to dream catchers or hand-made and stoneware hand drums fountains prepared with frivolous acrylic statuettes.
  • Books, pens, letter or writing pad are another form of presents which you can gift individuals of all ages and on all occasions including Xmas and the New Year.
  • Metallic Candle stands, trendy chimneys, lampshades goes well with the festival of light. You can also gift other items made of glass, metals or leather.
  • For your toddlers and even for adults with an inclination on the creative side, you can buy them drawing and coloring materials like crayon, brush, palette or musical devices ranging from toys or games of infotainment to mind twisters.
  • Collectibles like customary and modern picture frames in metal, wood, glass and quality plastics cam also be gifted on the auspicious occasion. You can also present lovely photo albums.
  • Musical gifts - As per the taste of a person a cassette or CD is the preferred gift on X-mas. You can also compile your favorite as well as popular songs and gift it to your family and friends. Remember, the idea of dedicating a song to your loved one is as enthralling as arranging your choicest songs for them. Request the DJ to play a special song on this occasion by mentioning the name of the person you are dedicating it to.
  • If you want something expensive or something different then opt for designer fashion accessories ranging from silk scarves to ties and tie-pins, waist belts to trendy leather shoes. You can also present them designer outfits ranging from a diversity of expedient brands to the local ones.
  • If you need a gift for recovery or fitness on X-mas occasion, then you can buy an Ocean Spirit, Fairy Spells or Tranquility which are not only amusing and practical but also curative and inexpensive.
  • Exclusive boutique - Exclusive boutique are of diverse categories and may range from socks and stockings, scarves and Santa hats, wool and furs, cosmetics and candles. It may also comprise incense, aromatherapy stuffs, body lotions, deodorants, perfumes, a wide variety of candles of different sizes and colors. Candles can be plain or patterned, perfumed or not, low burning or high illuminate.
  • Utility gift items - Select anything from a beautiful school bag for your kid to a designed leather bag or a kit bag. A television or a two-wheeler can be other expensive gifts high on utility. Other items such as watch, key rings, pen stand, telephone index, electronic notebook, etc are other fun gifts.
  • Jewelry - Designer rings, bracelets, necklaces, photographic charms, handmade jewelry and beaded votive holders are the X-mas gifts in case if you are looking for something exclusive and expensive.
Finally, irrespective of anything you present your friend the most vital is the degree of affection, concern and feelings you affix with them. You cannot substitute them with anything else.

Christmas gift ideas for Men

1. Gadget Gifts for Men
  • The Palm Sized DVD Player
  • Video Enlarger And DVD Player
  • Camcorder
  • Speakerphone
  • Personal Movie Theater
2. Music Gifts
  • i-Pod
  • Ear Headphones
  • Cassette To CD Recorder Stereo System
3. Gifts for the Sports Fan
  • The Automatic Professional Football Electronic Scoreboard.
  • Automatic Professional Baseball Electronic Scoreboard.
  • Super Bowl Tailgate Party Gift Basket
  • personalized padded stadium seat
4. Other gifts
  • The Roaster/Smoker/Grill
  • grilling and BBQ gift baskets
  • Bucket with 12 Beers.
  • snack gift baskets
Christmas gift ideas for Women

1. Music box gifts
  • Piano Shaped Collectible Music Box
  • Irish Collectible Hinged Music Box
  • Enchanted Wings Music Box
  • Cinderella`s Enchanted Journey Musical Carousel
  • Silken Wings Butterfly Art Musical Egg
2. Romantic Jewelry
  • Double Band Diamond Ring
  • Heart Engraved Diamond And Ruby Heart Pendant
  • Sterling Silver Divinely Diamonds Bracelet
  • Diamond Bracelet
  • Diamond Hoop Earrings With Hearts
  • Opal And Diamond Ring
  • Fire Yellow Sapphire And Diamond Ring
3. Other Gifts
  • Palm Sized DVD Player
  • Aromatherapy and Nature Sounds Wake-Up Alarm Clock
  • Slimmest Bluetooth Speakerphone.
  • Portable Pocket Television
  • Widescreen Personal Movie Theater
  • Credit Card Sized Digital Camera.

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