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Work to Party Look

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Mar, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Well your hottie asked you to meet him at the hottest new pub in town at eight? And there you are stuck till seven with your client reports. To top it all you are in your formal best that will simply not work to your advantage when you meet him at eight. Besides you are not carrying a nice little top to change into.

Dress Down

Well if you are wearing western outfit of crisp formal shirt and smart trousers, then simply undo the first two buttons so that your collarbones are visible and there`s just the hint of a cleavage. This tones down the severe work look.
Now if you are wearing ethnic outfit like a sari or salwar -kameez, then you can get gorgeous by taking the pleats of your pallav and draping it on your shoulder. In case of a dupatta, wrap it around your neck or ditch it all together if you are wearing loose kurta.

Tone it Up

Next move; let your hair down literally. Give it a thorough brushing; tease it slightly to get more textured look. Change your make-up from office neutral to smoky eyes. To get the look, first use some compact to freshen up your face and blot excess oil. Then simply smudge the eyeliner that you are wearing to blur the line using upward strokes.
If you are not wearing eyeliner then simply use your existing dark lipstick on your lids only. Then dust some bronzer or shimmer powder over your face to get a glow. Top it off with a swipe of clear gloss on your lips. This will sizzle up your look be it in


When it comes to accessories, you can add a chunky silver earring or a pendant. This especially works with ethnic outfits. But be sure to stick to only one piece of heavy accessory. Otherwise you can glam up by going for solitaire around your neck and ears.

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