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Make the Most of Sales

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 03 Mar, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Not all of us are stashed to the gill with the moolah. But that does not stop you from craving the designer dress or shoes or a glam accessory. Most of the time you walk out of the store because the price tag maybe a tad bit too much for you. Don`t let a trifling price tag hurt your fashion sensibility. You can still dress in designer threads and fashion labels - all you need to do is some clever strategising during the end of season sales that hit the stores every three months.
A sale is basically a brands way of doing away with old fashion and bringing in new collections.
So don`t pick any and every piece that you see during a sale. You will end up spending more and end up with unwearable pieces.
Research on next season`s fashion trends before you go for shopping during sales.
It`s most likely that some previous fashion trends will remain hot in the next season.
Pick up clothes in solid colours, jewel tones like ruby, emerald, sapphire, and earthy nude hues - they never go out of style.Bright coloured Tees are clever purchase. They can be used to layering. Simple jeans and Tee is always in fashion.
Pick up bootlegged or straight jeans during a sale. They a figure flatterers and never go out of style.
Avoid low-slung denims; instead try a regular fit jeans.
Classic black trousers cut straight or slightly wide legged are also great buys.
Leather ballet pumps, wedges and strappy sandals are accessories that go from season to season. Avoid heavily jewelled or embellished shoes, they may or may not be in-you might end up looking tacky.
In ethnic wear, floral, block print kurta, and churidaars work every season. You can pick a few for everyday wear. Pick knee-length kurtas and hip length kurti or tunics that can be worn with regular salwaars or jeans.

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