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Banish Wardrobe Boredom

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 02 Mar, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Seasons come and seasons go and we buy clothes that look trendy for the time and then we are left wondering what to do with them. Well it is not necessary to buy new wardrobe every time the season changes. What works best and is easy on your pocket too is to add few attractive in-trend fashion musts.
The great thing about fashion is that it is cyclical so you don`t necessarily have to throw out your out of season clothes. Just store them nicely and recycle them when the trend comes back.

Sping`s VIP

The new season is almost on us. While many of us especially in North are still donning our warm woollies, but it is a good idea to start spring cleaning our cupboard to dig out old pieces that have become trendy or stock up on some new pieces.
This season we see the return of the 20`s jazz era with sequinned low waisted dresses, the 80`s fashion with focus on big glasses and charm bracelets and the ubiquitous pleated or crinkled skirt.

Corset Tops

The garment that was popular about six seasons ago is back with a bang for spring this time. So dig out your corsets or invest in one in black, grey or white as it does double duty for both western and ethnic wear. Top your corset with a formal jacket and it works wonderfully as an office wear blouse. Slip off the jacket and you are set to scorch the party circuit. Pair your corset with a saree or a lehenga for ethnic chic.

Pleated Skirt

The favourite Indian wear still remains in fashion. Pick a crinkled or pleated skirt in basic colours and top them with fitted tees or short kurtis - as you like it!


Flirty feminine florals are back. Actually this is one trend that never seems to go out of fashion. This spring must is a must this spring as well. Dig out your floaty, floral chiffon blouses and pair them with lacy, layered skirts - another popular trend. Or wear your floral skirt with a basic white frilly top for ultra girly effect.

Big Plastic Frame Sunglasses

This 80`s staple is popular again. The large frames provide complete protection from the summer sun and look hot as well. Go for glasses with funky coloured plastic frames to add a dash of glam to your wardrobe.

Jazz Dresses

The glittering, sequinned dresses with drop waists relive the glorious fashion days of the 20s. Pick a silver lame dress with a drop waist and wear it as is. You can even pair that with black tights for a night at the disco. Wear it over your fitted denims for a girly party or for a date.
Charm Bracelets

Go all out for charm bracelets. The girly trinket has got a grownup overhaul. Pick ones with large gemstones, gold nuts and silver eggs attached to them.
Wedge Heels

Pick up a pair of the essential wedges. The hot shoes of the last season are very in right now. Not only are they comfortable, they also add more height than the standard stiletto ever could.

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