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Well Heeled

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Feb, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Sacrosanct to every woman`s wardrobe, an array of shoes is a necessary indulgence. Unfortunately, our selection of footwear is hinged primarily upon style and not comfort. We often succumb to wearing agonisingly uncomfortable shoes to complete a pretty picture.
Eight out of 10 women say their shoes are painful. Nine out of 10 women`s foot deformities can be attributed to tight shoes. The front of the shoe that houses the toes is usually very narrow in hi-fashion footwear. This can cause a nerve to be pinched. In severe cases, it can even cause disability over the years.
Pointed toes and high-heeled shoes cause a plethora of orthopaedic problems leading to discomfort or injury to the toes, ankles, knees, calves and the back. High heels distribute the body weight unevenly placing excess stress on the ball of the foot and the forefoot. Such footwear can lead to early arthritis, if worn regularly over a long period of time.
High heels tip the lower part of your body forward. So, you tend to arch your upper body backwards to compensate, thereby putting stress on your back. Women who are plagued by backaches should abstain permanently from wearing heels.
A heel of about one to one-and-a-half-inches is actually recommended by orthopaedics. Absolutely flat shoes are not all that great.

When buying a pair of shoes, remember

  • Feet tend to vary in size; make sure to measure the length and width of both your feet.
  • Stand up when having your feet measured, as they tend to expand when bearing weight.
  • Have your feet measured at the end of the day ; natural swelling during the day can enlarge your feet.
  • Shoes should be fitted to your longer and wider foot. Although the toe box should be spacious, too much space can cause the feet to slide around, possibly causing blisters and abrasions.
  • Make sure the heel does not slip out of the back of the shoe.
  • If one foot is considerably larger than the other, add an insole in the smaller one instead of purchasing a tight pair.
  • Always walk around to make sure that the shoes fit well and are comfortable.
  • Never select a shoe just by quoting a size number. A size seven shoe from one store may not fit as well as a size seven from another store. So, try them on first!
  • Have your feet measured regularly because foot sizes change as you grow older.
  • Never buy `tight` shoes. There is no such thing as a break-in period. With time, a foot may push or stretch a shoe to fit but this can cause foot pain and damage.
  • Select a pair that conforms closely to the shape of your foot and feels comfortable.
  • A heel height of one to one-and-a-half inches is ideal.

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