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Put your Best Foot(wear) Forward

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Feb, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Your footwear is reflection of your personality. It is an important fashion statement. Yet, how many of us have impulsively grabbed a great pair of shoes displayed in the shop window, without checking to see if it is really suitable for us?

Choosing the right footwear does involve keeping in mind a few pointers. Most foot problems are caused by ill    fitting footwear. Foot problems such as blisters, calluses, bunions, ingrown toenails etc can all be avoided by careful selection of the right footwear.

Keep in mind the following tips and you will never go wrong.

  • Footwear shopping is an activity best reserved for late afternoons, as it is believed that this is the time the feet tend to get slightly swollen.
  • Before you decide to try on that gorgeous pair of shoes, first get both your feet measured while standing up, for its length and width.
  • Determine your correct foot length. Ensure that there should be at least 1 cm space between your longest toe and your shoe.
  • While shopping for shoes for children, there should be 18 mm between the longest toe and the shoe, reserved for growing space.
  • However, do make sure that you do not buy footwear that is too large, expecting that in due time the child`s feet will anyway grow. This can cause other problems arising from the curling of their toes.
  • For children, it is advisable to choose footwear fitted with laces or velcro, that ensure a good grip.
  • Your shoes should feel comfortable from day one. There are shoes with square toes that are comfortable and elegant. Ensure that the shoe width is the same as the width of your foot.
  • The heel should preferably have a broad base and should not be too high, as it might put enormous pressure on your back.
  • High-heeled shoes are best reserved for your occasional outings.
  • You should sport different shoes for different activities. It is advisable to regularly check for any red marks on your feet as these may indicate that you have probably not chosen the right footwear.
So, now that you are equipped with all the pointers you need to know, you can head to your favourite store!

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