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Monsoon Magic

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Feb, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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With the monsoons just around the corner there`s no better way to make a fashion statement than sport the latest and trendiest umbrellas or rain coats. Brighten those gray days with imaginatively wild and vivid coloured plastic. From citrus orange to flaming red or fuschia, these colour palettes can do wonders to liven up any scene.
For the society circuit, monogrammed and designer umbrellas are the in thing and with logos making a in-your-face statement, they are quite chic. Louis Vuttion, Christian Dior are just some of the many designer umbrellas that make their appearances during those rainy days. The range of umbrellas and raincoats are immense from bubble wrap to plastic, PVC and nylon - the list just continues. Even if they are to be used whilst getting out of a car and into some plush destination, these monsoon accessories leave a lasting impression.
Do yourself a favour and donate that black unimaginative almost morose, olden day umbrella, to some needy soul. The black numbers of the days of yore are quite outdated and cannot decently fit one person in, leave alone those poor romantic couples, one of whom would always be drenched. The large king sized umbrellas are economical, user friendly and rarely ever turn inside out when you least expect it.
Perfect for long walks, the large sturdy and modern umbrellas save you from the embarrassment of looking like an uprooted or overturned tree. Found in different sizes, colours and prices, it`s best to choose one that suits your personality or one that would uplift your spirits.
It`s best to maintain the outer cover to protect them from tearing or getting eaten. Store them in dry places with mothballs or naphthalene. Transparent, sheer and clingy, these magical numbers are found in leading stores across the country and are a must-have for everyone from young kids to old alike.

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