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Beads with Everything : A Little Llight Dressing

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 28 Feb, 2011 BEAUTY & FASHION  CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES  

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Beads are HOT!!! No longer just around the neck! Beads adorn dresses, blouses and even sandals. Exquisitely light double layers, enchanting embroidery and asymmetrical hemlines with dainty beading... that is the look for spring : both ultra-feminine and immensely flattering.
Tiny beaded or sequinned bags, beaded and strappy sandals, loads of colourful bracelets... that is the look for today. Beads are in, gal!
For easy shapes that sit beautifully on the hips, pick soft colours and contrasting textures, like a silk skirt, cut on the bias, teamed with a beaded camisole.
Hemlines are the story this season : scalloped, frilled, dipping at the back, diagonal and often with a flirty fringe. It`s a fresh new look which flatters bare legs and calls for sophisticated strappy sandals. Lime is one of the mouth-watering colours of the season.
Delicate embroidery adds to the freshness of the look! Make-up counters are bursting with colour this season - tangerines, sugar pinks, cherry reds and frosted blues. Try some muted shades of orange and bronze for the lips, some soft blues on eye-lids and try the ever-popular white for nails. Pinks and peaches are great too!

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