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Women and Family, Importance of Women, Women in Family, family life today

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 06 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  MARRIAGE & FAMILY  

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A family is incomplete without the presence of a woman and without women, there would be no family. The total family structure is based on the contribution of women, with the cooperation of their male counterparts. Family and Women are intertwined in any kind of society, whether western or eastern. Marriage is considered to be one of the most familiar and sacred bond shared between two consenting individuals. It is a commitment of lifetime and needs a lot of truthfulness and trust from both the bride as well as the groom. A ceremony of wedding can only be accomplished if the bride is ready to take the groom as her lawfully wedded husband. A bride is a woman who is married, getting to be married or who has been married very recently. From time immemorial, the ceremony of marriage has retained its significance of giving birth to a bond of love and trust, only it has adjusted itself with the needs of the time and the age.

The bride is the "daughter-in-law" of the household that she is destined to be an integral part of and the groom is the son-in-law of the family of the bride. The bond between Women and Family rises from the institution of marriage.Women had been the major influence in a family from the very ancient times and it is their capacity to adapt and accommodate which has made them an inseparable part of family and subsequently the society. At one point of time, especially in the eastern countries, women used to take total responsibility of the family by catering manual services, whereas men were responsible for earning the bread for the family. Even a few centuries ago, women were totally relegated to the domestic spheres. But in many countries, it has been found that women held distinguished posts in the society. The country of England itself confers the honor of the first citizen to the queen. This shows that women are capable of doing both domestic cores as well as ruling kingdoms. With the emancipation of women and the gaining of voting rights made them more independent minded. The primary job of a woman used to be tending to the needs of her husband, children and family, but nowadays, her role is more important than that. Changes in the roles of Women and Family have taken place with the changes of time and globalization.

In modern times, both Women and Family have evolved. Nowadays, women are balancing the roles of mother, wife and a professional. Since education has been imparted to women they are utilizing it to make a mark in the society. Often, at times of crisis, women venture out in search of jobs so that they can financially support their families. Women of today are balancing both personal life as well as professional life. The roles of Women and Family are very important for the good of the society. In the modern society, many women are working women and they contribute a lot to the well being of their families.

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