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Family Stories, Family Story, Stories about Family, Family Matters

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 06 Mar, 2011 RELATIONSHIPS  MARRIAGE & FAMILY  

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The Family Stories refer to the stories that can be read, enjoyed and understood by all the members of the family. The Family Stories are the stories that can ideally be read by all members of the family including kids as well as elders. The content of the stories will not be such that it will appeal to just a section of members of the family while the rest of the family members will not find it worth reading or even difficult to understand. There are a lot of such stories that the entire family can enjoy reading together. These stories can be called Family Stories.

The Family Stories has some different features that give these stories a character of their own. There are some stories that can be read and enjoyed only by a few members of a family. These stories often include adult contents like sex, too much violence and many other thing that the children should not know. The elders too sometimes find some of the books and stories of the modern time bizarre. On the other hand there are some of the children books that the adults find very lousy or childish. These kind of stories can not be read or enjoyed by all the family members. Therefore in order to be Family Stories the stories has to contain the minimum amount of adult contents like sex violence etc. The too much childish movies can not also be great Family Stories.

The most popular Family Stories that are enjoyed by all the members of the family includes the classic novels by the eminent writers who write for the children. In this regards the works of Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Oscar Wilde, Lew Wallace etc can be mentioned. The detective stories, Mystery stories as well as adventure stories can also be Family Stories. It is very hard to find any family member who do not enjoy the Sherlock Holmes stories. The ghost stories can also be good Family Stories as all of us love to get scared from time to time. But if you have some minor members in your family then just make sure that you do not choose a ghost story that is too scary. The same thing applies for the adventure stories as well. You need to make sure that reading the adventure stories your child do not get prompted to imitate the same activities and in order to do that hurts themselves. The collection of short stories can also be good Family Stories. The science fiction stories can also be amazing Family Stories.

The Family Stories can also refer to the to the stories relating to the people and places that has connections with the family a well as friends. These storied always manage to draw the interest of every ,member of the family. These Family Stories most of the times are based on a real incident an therefore are very interesting to hear. These stories also help the family to have common point of interests.

To know more about Family Stories keep reading familyzing.

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