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Vengaboys: The Platinum Album

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 01 Aug, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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It`s the revenge of the bubblegum poppers! Watch out!!! Plug your ears!!! Take cover unless you want your brains fried. Omigosh, talk about the dumbing down of the world. Vengaboys, the Brazilian quartet and the Rulers of Bubblegum Pop, are HUGE. And I simply cannot figure out why?

The formula for their success seems quite simple. Four exceedingly buffed bods who sing. Actually , make that one buff bod who mutters something periodically. The other three just hang around looking aimless, which is why it took me some time to figure out they were not part of the background scenery, but were the remaining three-fourths of the Vengaboys.

So, the voices are ordinary. The music is of the lowest common denominator. And the lyrics are, without doubt, plain bad. How could you possibly explain listening to these gems, `I only kiss, kiss, kiss when the sun don`t shine`? `Brazil, na, na, na, na, na , na` or `Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, I want you in my room`. I certainly can`t. Which is why, I am not going to buy this album anytime soon.

Ghastly. Should sue Sony music for insulting our intelligence and ears. And for those who think the Vengaboys make great dance music, think again. The only possible saving grace is, `Sha la la` and even that is being charitable.

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