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Trance Tsunami

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 01 Aug, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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`Behind the Sun` by ChicaneDance fever has a new beat nowadays; it`s s all about rave/progressive and trance. And the undisputed Raja of the Remix is trancemeister Chicane a.k.a. Nick Bracegirdle. He`s got the crowds grooving to his beats in Ibiza, party capital of the world.

The hook of trance lies in its beats. The progressive monotony of the rhythm gets you dancing in a trance like state. Chicane is less predictable and slightly more varied. His music is fairly melodic with inspiration derived from such New Age music messiahs as Vangelis and Jean Michael Jarre.

Outstanding tracks include `Don`t Give Up` with Canadian superstar, Bryan Adams and the re-mix of Clannad`s `Salt Water` that lends a new twist to a traditional Scottish folk song.

Rating: Mostly everyone I know is into trance these days. My solution has been to blanch and crank up the jazz. After Chicane, I have to count myself a convert to the trance cause. Great album.

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