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Submited by- Team Sitagita on 30 Jul, 2011 ENTERTAINMENT  MOVIES  

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New Releases

A Beautiful Mind

The life and times of John Nash (Russell Crowe), from his entry into Princeton University as a grad student in 1947 to his winning the Nobel Prize for economics in 1994. more>>


A movie in which all the lead characters are excellent- and so what if they`re dinosaurs!` more>>

Love and War

A modern blockbuster set against the backdrop of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. `Pearl Harbour` is first and foremost a romantic drama. more>>

Forbidden Love

This movie is a celebration of truth, beauty, freedom, but above all things, love, set as it is in an infamous, gaudy and glamorous Paris night club, circa 1900. more>>

Evil Genius

He`s an insane genius with a predilection for eating human flesh. Don`t worry- it`s just the return of Hannibal `The Cannibal` Lecter. more>>

What Women Want

Imagine a uber-chauvinist being able to read women`s minds and becoming softer, more feminine, infinitely sensitive..... more>>

Swinging Seventies

A sweetly optimistic film set in the world of that most pessimistic of music forms, rock. more>>

Martial Arts or Mystical Epic?

Ang Lee makes a departure from his genteel English dramas to segue into a Mandarin movie. more>>

Hostage Drama

What do you do when you fall in love with a man who is assigned to rescue your kidnapped husband? more>>

Mountaineering Saga

A climbing accident estranges siblings Peter (Chris O` Donnell) and Annie (Robin Tunney). more>>

Robinson Crusoe?

On the surface this is a story about a castaway. Underlying it, however, is a lesson in Philosophy 101. more>>

Mafia Man Vs. The Schmuck

He`s a one-man demolition squad. He`s also the biggest schmuck on this side of the Atlantic. And with a name like Focker (oh my god!), you know the bottom of the garbage bin isn`t very far off.... more>>

A Musical Melodrama

It`s a musical about a Czech immigrant, is directed by a Dane, stars an Icelandic pop star and is set in blue collar America. It also has to be one of the best films I`ve ever seen. more>>

Shymalan sizzles with the supernatural

David is unbreakable. Elijah is brittle. What does your sixth sense say about this plot? more>>

Invisible Man

The main stars in director Paul Verhoeven`s latest effort, `Hollow Man` are the mind-blowing special effects. Unfortunately, that`s not enough to save the film. more>>

Femme Fatales

With improbable names like Natalie, Alex and Dylan what do you expect? This is a plotless, mindless and completely implausible movie. And know what else? I loved it! more>>

Mutant mania

It`s a world where mutants battle humans; Homo superior versus Homo sapien. Welcome to the future of the X-men (and women). more>>

Just won`t Carr(e)y!

Jim Carrey returns in tandem with the Farelly brothers for another of their patented absurd comic capers that push the envelope as far as good taste go. more>>

A Roman Spectacle

`Gladiator`, an epic adventure set during the ancient Roman Empire, is full of such soul stirring speeches. more>>

Stormy Weather

`The Perfect Storm` is `Twister` replicated at sea. Like `Twister`, it has great special effects and superlative techno- wizardry and provides spades of entertainment. more>>

Cruisin` Along

Uberspy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back. This time his mission is to foil the evil machinations of Ambrose (Doug Ray Scott) who wants to unleash a lethal virus on the world. more>>

`The Patriot`

Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) is the `P` man - a Peacnik, a Plantation owner, a Prodigious Pater and lest we forget, a Patriot. more>>

Diasporic Dilemmas

`East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet` said Mark Twain. And this was way, way before he even knew of the existence of Zaheer. more>>

Sound of Music

It had to be coming, right? Our pick of the week is `The Sound of Music.` The movie is a benchmark in the cinematic history of Hollywood. more>>

`Depp`initely worth seeing

It`s always been an unbeatable combination; the oddball duo of director Tim Burton and actor Johnny Depp. more>>

Woman Power

This is one real-life story brought, quite aptly, into reel-life by Julia Roberts. The actress in her comes out once again in the form of loud clothes and a less-than-perfect personality and attitude. Roberts is the movie itself. more>>

Mama mia, it`s Madonna!

Read the review the Movie "The Next Best Thing" and make up your mind to watch or skip it! more>>

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