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Twelve eating patterns

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 19 May, 2011 HEALTH  DIET  

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Twelve eating patterns

Is there more scope to diet than just "not-getting-to eat-what-you-like"?
Eating patterns. Yes. Your eating behaviour is unique.
As unique as you are.

Arian, Taurean, or plain Epicurean.... you are what you eat.
And pray, just what, when and how do you eat? Take an honest look at your eating habits and decide who you are.

Identify the right one for you and you are on your way to a healthy lifestyle.... the fun way.

Healthy and enthusiastic living should consist of a balanced meal    containing carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals and proteins.
Are we able to follow this?
Can we better our diet?

Take your pick

Here`s a draw of a different kind. You must keep your eyes open, conscience clear, wit in place and choose who you are   

The Eternal Dieter

Going on a diet from tomorrow.... is that what you say everyday?

The Sweet Seeker

Born with a sweet tooth, you attract sweets to your mouth like bees to nectar.

The Impetuous Indulger

You need no invitation to splurge.
Just freak out and live to regret it. Guilty? Not you.

The Munchie Mommy

How you hate to waste food! What are a few more calories?

The Hidden Hunter

Denial. You don`t want the world to know how much you eat. Who are you kidding?

GA_googleFillSlot("sitagitarectanglebottom"); The Dusk Diner

Grope in the dark.... for the `fridge. You`re nocturnal, girl, and you are no wise owl.

The Spice Stacker

Spice is the spice of your life. Hot, hotter and it keeps going in.... on and on till tongue and senses are immune.

The Emotional Eater

It`s all about mood swings, see saws and yo yos.
Eat and be merry. Eat and be sad.

The Stress Snacker

Take a break before you break down. Fill your plate and freak out.
Food is your solace.

The Junk Food Juggler

Grab and gorge while on the run. It`s bite, chew and chomp.

The Couch Cruncher

Cash crunch, maybe. Food crunch? Never. Not for you.
Bags of wafers and popcorn.

The Dessert Devourer

Whipped fresh cream, layered with grated chocolate, topped with luscious strawberries and cherries. Mmmm.... pure sin. Sinner!

Starting this diet scope with....


You are always on a diet!
You punish yourself when you are on a diet. After the dieting regimen is over, you are a `predator on the prowl`. After accumulating a few kilos, you are on a diet again.
You want to melt the fat.
The new slim status is elevating no doubt.
Now you can`t control yourself from eating the `forbidden foods`.
Hey! The yo-yo swings again.
Now why don`t you stop dieting and put your thinking cap on?
Your on-off dieting does not actually help you lose the fat.
It is often the water content in the body that results in weight loss.
Your worst sin is always kidding yourself.


  1. Have nutritious and revitalising juices like oranges and apples.
  2. Have more alkaline foods for good health.
  3. Consume dark green vegetables.
  4. Include whole grain products in your breakfast.
  5. Consume low fat yoghurt.
  6. Maintain your carbohydrate consumption.
  7. Indulge yourself on soups and salads.
  8. Have a variety of sprouts for breakfast and lunch. They are rich in vitamins and proteins.
  9. Make it a habit to walk 2 to 4 km a day.
  10. Skipping will keep you healthy.

The other foodscopes follow, so keep browsing!

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