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Food Moods

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 18 May, 2011 HEALTH  DIET  

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Did you know that food affects your mood? Yes it is true that food can be the reason why you are laughing or even feeling blue. It can be weird when you come to think of it but that is the reality. And if your mood is not good it can be bad for you as mood affects a lot of things.

To start our mood affects the way we see the world. And if continues like this you can suffer in the process. So much of this is because of the food you consume. Food moods are basically certain mood state which is based on the food you have consumed.
Besides having the right kind of food for your perfect mood you should also be careful to develop a habit of healthy eating. Have small but frequent meals so that your body is well nourished all the time. Your body is not functioning properly can affect your mood too.
Ensure that you have at least a little bit of fat in your diet. Absolute lack of it is also not good. Fats like vegetable oils are providers of essential fatty acid which is important for the production of hormones. Hormonal imbalances can be created and that can disrupt your body system which in turn will affect your mental and emotional state. When you are in a bad mood do not eat as that can lead to digestive disorders.

Control your mind health by eating right

Yes, that is true now you can control your mental state by eating in the right way. You should keep your body with a constant supply of nutrition. You should limit your consumption of food or sugary items like candy and soda. You should try and avoid refined starchy food items like rice, and crackers. You should eat food which is high in carbohydrates such as vegetables, legumes, brown rice, and oatmeal. Consumption of fiber rich foods is also necessary. Include lot of protein in your diet as that can be very helpful. All these food items or groups can help in avoiding fatigue, depression and crankiness.

Did you know?

Vitamins help in normalizing your mood: Vitamins are important for your bodily needs as well as for your mind. It has been said that vitamins are used to create serotonin which is one of the key brain chemicals essential to normalize the mood. Have food which is rich in vitamin such as whole green cereals and dark leafy vegetables, oranges, broccoli, shellfish, lean beef, cottage cheese, and eggs.
Omega 3 fats assist in uplifting your mood: There are special nutrients which play a significant role in the mental health. Some research ahs proved that Omega 3 fats are essential for mood uplifting and remove depression. You can add Omega 3 fats in your diet. Fishes like sardines, mackerels, and salmons are god for health.

Eating a balanced morning meal

Eating a good breakfast is very important to keep your mood in check. According to some researches your meals should be consumed in such a way that it increases your memory as well as energy. If you skip breakfast you will not do much good to your body or your mind as your body will be lacking nutrition and your mind will be affected in the process. When you are having breakfast consume a lot of fiber and carbohydrates that will be very beneficial for you. So you can be at peace.
Food moods are interconnected and help to keep your physical and mental health in perfect form. Your mood should be in perfect condition as that can affect your physical health too. Hence it is very important that you eat right so that your physical as well as emotional state is in perfect condition. There are different types of food which makes your mood or mars it.
Food which fights depression anxiety

If you want to fight depression then have a diet which is rich in folic acid. It helps to bring up the level of serotonin in you and hence making you normal again. You can also prepare a meal for yourself out of linguini with clams, along with white beans and spinach. Add a dash of garlic when you are preparing the dish. To relieve anxiety you should eat food which is rich in carbohydrate. You can also have a meal in which you have minestrone and ribollita which has red onions and bread in it. Carbohydrates help to activate the release of insulin which helps to combat any anxiety or stress.
Food and its effects

Different types of food have different types of affects. Cereals, legumes, nuts and fish and fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed these are very important as contain vitamins, zinc, copper and magnesium. These are anti-stress nutrients which are crucial in making your mood. This is the first type of food moods established.
Secondly, you can have whole grain food products which contain water-soluble vitamins like riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine. This assists in the proper functioning of the nervous system and brain. These foods if consumed help you to think better and rationalize and imagine.
Thirdly, one should eat different kinds of vegetables like peas, broccoli and pumpkin which are rich in minerals. They contain essential minerals which contain manganese and potassium which prevents anemia. This leads to exhaustion and deterioration in mental health.
Fourthly, you should try eating dairy products like yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and dried fruits. They are full of calcium and aids in bone development. It helps to prevent premenstrual symptoms like bad mood or mood swings. It aids in maintaining a reasonable and peaceful mind.
Fifthly, you should try including green vegetables in your diet like spinach. Meat and seafood should also be included as they contain magnesium and helps to evade gloomy mood and misery. It also aids in evading confused mind state.
Lastly, eat beet root, cabbage, and celery along with fresh fruits and vegetables. These items provide a lot of fiber in them and hence help to keep regular bowel movements which can avoid temper and irritability.
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