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Loss of weight

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 05 Sep, 2011 HEALTH  AGING & DISEASES  

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The common idea about loss of weight is not so dismal as long as it is being done by controlled diet and regular exercise for the proper up keeping of the body. Well, exercise and weight loss do go together in a healthy life. But what about the loss of weight that is encountered in diseases that deal with metabolic problems in the individual? That is definitely a matter of concern for all of us.

The weight loss in diabetes does not connect with the proper distribution of body fat, control of cholesterol levels, proper cardiac output and avoidance of pulmonary and other muscular dysfunctions. Such a dreaded ailment is diabetes mellitus causing acute loss of weight due to improper glucose channelization into the cells. In order to get an idea about the weight loss that is encountered by diabetics, we should delve deeper into the metabolic problems associated with diabetes mellitus. The weight loss for diabetes can have two major implications. These can be given as:
  • Intentional weight loss
  • Unintentional weight loss

The intentional loss of weight is understood based on the symbiotic relationship between the insulin level in blood and the amount of deposited fat in the body. Actually insulin is a hormone that helps in the storage of fat. Thus on mobilization of the fat content in the regular physiological catabolism by regular healthy steps taken to loose the weight can thereby increase the insulin uptake by the cells. This speeds up the glucose influx and in general increased breakdown of blood glucose deriving energy for normal body function. Therefore, the intentional loss of weight is good for regulating insulin and balancing the sugar level in the blood.

The unintentional loss of weight poses an imminent danger preventing the diabetic body to assert a steady glucose count in blood. Thus diabetes and weight loss in an unintentional manner can arise from several fundamental lines of dysfunction. 1.Diabetics having uncontrolled glucose in blood can excrete a lot and loose a lot of water from the body which leads to severe form of dehydration.

2.Though insulin has a tendency to anabolize, that is, store a lot of fat in the tissues, it cannot however, move a lot of glucose into the cells for utilization. This results in the mobilization of the fat deposits in the body leading to increased lipid metabolism to ultimately derive the usable energy. This may lead to a loss of weight in the diabetic patient.

3.Pancreatic malfunction can be the root cause for the diabetes, since the level of insulin secretion may not keep up with the physiological demand. This can cause other liver and pancreatic ailments leading to gastrointestinal disorders causing loss of weight.

Summing up the matter it can be said that diabetics can engage in regulated weight loss programmes that can ensure the well being without running into risks related to uncontrolled insulin and blood sugar levels.

In order to keep a regulated weight loss in unison with the existence of a diabetic individual we provide various online support informations. They deal with weight loss issues, exercises, articles regarding diabetes research and prevention of irregular weight loss in diabetes by common awareness. As far as this site is concerned we keep on updating the common mass about the importance of maintaining a regulated body weight in diabetic patients.

For more insight into such related issues like the loss of weight and it`s proper control in diabetes stay with us at Symptoms of diabetes mellitus in About Diabetes.

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subha2 (3 Years ago)

hai I am 20years old 70kg.iwant to wait loss tips pls help me.

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himabindu601 (3 Years ago)

Weightloss is indeed a very complicated process but can be made simple with the use of readymade herbal supplements. One can visit healthydietindia.blogspot.in for further information.

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