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Formal Table Setting Tips, Tip for Formal Table Setting, Rule for Setting the Table

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 18 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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The secret to a great dinner party is the setting of the table. Just by glancing at the table a diner needs to feel the urge to eat. This is achieved by following the rules of setting a table. The Formal Table Setting Tips help you in giving the ideal dinner party. The glasses, the plates and the dinnerware needs to be placed in a synchronized manner. The spacing of these need to be accurate. The decorations and flower arrangements may be placed outside these specified spaces.

The Formal Table Setting Tips varies according to season and the type of food served. The first course or the appetizer is placed on a dish called the charger. The serving manner also forms part of the Formal Table Setting Tips. The starter needs to be cleared before the next dish is served. The Charger plate remains in place till the next dish. The plates are interchanged on the arrival of the second dish. The placing of forks is an important tip for formal table setting. The largest fork is placed on the left of the plate. The smaller forks are placed right or left of the big fork according to their usage in the meal. The farthest one from the dinner fork is the first to be used. The dinner Knife is placed on the right of the plate.

The same rule for setting the table is followed as in the case of forks. Soup and dessert spoons are placed on the right hand side of the knives. Only the oyster knife is placed on the right side. The glasses are placed on the side of the knives. The napkin is placed on the server or charger dish. So give a formal dinner party with these Formal Table Setting Tips as your guiding light.

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