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Chopsticks Using Tips, Tips for Using Chopsticks, Major Chopsticks Using Tips

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 18 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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Do you love to eat Chinese? Oh, you desire to relish the Chinese delicacies in typically Chinese ways using the most essential- Chopsticks. But are you aware of the fact that chopsticks need to handle skillfully? If you wish to taste varieties of dishes of different places such as Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China try the chopsticks that are the quintessential of the utensils for eating the delicacies. There are some special cooking tips that include tips for using chopsticks. The chopsticks using tips give you the perfect feelings for relishing your desired dishes in their traditional way.

Some of the major chopsticks using tips that need to be followed at every step you taste the foods of which chopsticks are related with:
  • Hold the chopsticks at its end that is thicker. This will create efficiency in handling chopsticks. Your chopsticks will also be in a balanced position. But if you need to reach the foods that are quiet away, the chopsticks must be held at its upper sections.
  • Always try to keep the length of the two chopsticks equal. This is one of the essential chopsticks using tips. The motion of the two chopsticks also play vital role in using chopsticks nicely. Try to keep the lower chopstick in a stagnant position and move the upper chopstick toward the lower chopstick.
  • Usage of fingers also matters much in using chopsticks. Your middle finger, index and thumbs are for holding one of the sticks of the chopsticks. The other stick must be held between your thumb`s base and your palm. The lower stick should be held by your ring finger. The lower chopstick needs to be stable while eating with chopsticks.
Chopsticks are not only the traditional mode of eating in several cultures, it also has its significance in the modern world. The use of chopsticks also demands certain etiquettes. Respective cultures have their individual ways of using chopsticks. Continuous practice of chopsticks using tips and skillful handling make you an eater who loves to eat with chopsticks in a superb way.

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