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Chinese Food Cooking Tips, Chinese Noodle Recipes Tips, Chinese Food Restaurants

Submited by- Team Sitagita on 17 May, 2011 LIFESTYLE  COOKING & RECIPES  

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Chinese food is one of the favourite cuisines that people throughout the world love to gorge on. This cuisine dishes are not only delicious and yummy in taste but also reflect the style and culture of china. China, as we all know, specializes in various herbs and natural resources. You will get to see the balanced assemblage of these plants and animals in their food culture and habits.

There are some basic ingredients that are used in Chinese dishes which include the following:

Starch Staples: millet, rice, kao-liang, wheat, maize, buckwheat, yam, sweet potato
Legumes: soybean, broad bean, pea- nut, mung bean
Vegetables: malva, amaranth, Chi- nese cabbage, mustard green, turnip, radish, mushroom
Fruits: peach, apricot, plum, apple, jujube date, pear, crab apple, mountain haw, longan, litchi, orange
Meats: pork, dog, beef, mutton, venison, chicken, duck, goose, pheasant, many fishes
Spices: red pepper, ginger, garlic, spring onion, cinnamon

While you try your hands at preparing Chinese foods, make sure to follow the following tips of Chinese preparation:

General tips to cook Chinese cuisines:

Principles of cooking Chinese food:
To have the Chinese flavor, texture and color, stir the meat and vegetable in a dish. It is very important to mix a balance of ingredients as the Chinese believe in balance and harmony in every thing.

To enjoy the best Chinese flavor, opt for fresh things. All the ingredients need to be fresh and clean.

Lastly, always be prepared with the ingredients such as sauces, washed vegetables, cut, cleaned and marinated meat and more before you start cooking.

Equipments needed in Chinese cuisines:
Chinese dishes are prepared in a unique and special method. For that, one equipment is mandatory. You need to have a wok in hand while preparing Chinese food.

Preparing the vegetables in Chinese dishes:
While cooking vegetables for Chinese dishes, wash and drain the green, leafy veggies ahead of time. Cut and place the vegetables on a tray in separate portions so that you dont miss all while cooking.

Apart from all these, there are many more things that one must remember while cooking Chinese cuisine such as stir-frying vegetables, marinate fresh meat and fish, sauce and seasoning tips and lots more.

Go through the following links to acquire more information on Regional Cooking Tips, which are:

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